Wednesday, November 19, 2008


We pulled off one of the best surprises ever yesterday when Kat's lil sis, lil bro-in-law and the best nephew in the world flew in for a visit. Lil sis had told our dad a few weeks ago that she ordered him a birthday present, but it was on backorder and wouldn't arrive for a few weeks. So yesterday, after I picked everyone up at the airport, I walked into Dad's house and said, "Lil sis sent your birthday present to my house. Let me get it."

Dad was still confused about why I was at his house in the middle of a weekday afternoon, but reacted immediately when I walked back in carrying Peyton. He said he knew immediately who Peyton was, even out of context. Then lil sis and lil bro-in-law walked in, and we blew all of Dad's plans for the rest of the week out of the water.

It's been stressful putting this surprise together and pulling it off (and especially not mentioning it to Dad since I talk to him daily), but it was oh-so-worth-it when I saw the look on his face as he met his grandson for the first time. The best part was when Dad told his fiancee, "Here, hold Peyton while I go to the bathroom. But I'm taking him as soon as I come back." No card from Hallmark even compares.


SouthernBelle said...

that story is freaking adorable. what a lovely grandpa! and what a lovely daughter you are for surprising him!

Srg said...

How awesome!! What a great birthday surprise!

Chris said...

That is nice!