Monday, November 24, 2008

well, that was fun.

i'm back from vacation. and we had -- truly - a BLAST. i meant to blog while i was there, since there were so many precious things said by e or JAL -- i really wish i had carried a notebook with me.

so, some highlights:
1) there are a number of pictures of me with various characters. this, in part, was due to a direct request from my nephew. he was initially a little trepidacious about meeting some of them, although. there was no real logic behind it. he was cool with Captain Hook, but afraid of Peter Pan. totally cool with Tigger, Pooh, etc., but petrified of Alice.

2) we got there on Saturday, but my dear little nephew was insistent that we were not yet in Disney World. we went to Animal Kingdom. still not in disney world. saw Mickey. still not in Disney World. went to EPCOT. still not in Disney World. went to Hollywood studios. still not in Disney World. not until we were AT the castle, were we actually considered "in Disney World."

3) as we were sitting in the Liberty Tree Tavern, awaiting Pluto's visit to our table, we asked him, "So? Are you in Disney World?" his response? "no, mom. We're in the dinner place."

4) riding tower of terror with the little guy. he's 3.5. so imagine the chagrin of the adults riding the ride with us (no wait, btw - we walked right on TWICE in a row) when he squealed with delight -- not fear.

5) why do i always get the seat with no handles on that ride?

6) i got to ride the goofy rollercoaster again with no one looking at me funny because i was with a child. ditto to the magic carpets and the dinosaurs at Animal Kingdom.

7) it was COLD. i had to wear half of the contents of my suitcase at once in order to stay warm enough. which meant every outfit i wore, i strongly resembled Minnie Mouse.

there's probably more... and I'll have to ask JAL to comment to remind me of some of the highlights. but, right now, i'm buried and must get back to it.

i've missed you, bloggies. and will be around to all of your blogs eventually to see what fun antics i've missed.


FunnyGal KAT said...

Welcome back, SJ! Sounds like you had a great time (too much fun to blog-- so that's a good thing). I can't wait to hear about more of e's antics!

Andy said...

Capricorn and I want to go to Disney World next Christmas, but are wondering if we should hire a child so we can more easily ride everything and visit everything without looking creepy.

Word verification word: butfurie. (Insert joke about Taco Bell here)

SouthernBelle said...


When we went to Disneyland, my mother got a heaping dose of parental guilt inside Space Mountain when she realized she couldn't/wouldn't let go of the rollercoaster bar to grab me, her beloved child, if I started falling out.

Sam_I_am said...

so jealous. I love Disney, that's the Honeymoon destination, whether Fiance likes it or not. When we went, my friends mom turned me around to see Stitch and I SCREAMED like a little kid, "Stitch!!! I love you!!


Srg said...

Did you guys take E to the 3-D Bug's Life movie at Animal Kingdom? B screamed cried histerically every time they squirted stuff or blew air into the crowd. Even today, if he hears the word 3-D, he freaks!

The next we go, it's going to have to be in the winter months. We were there in October last year and we were sweating like pigs every single day. It was almost unbearable. Glad you guys had a blast!!

jal12771 said...

At the beginning of the week Folks asked E where he was from, he would respond CT. Then at the end of the week he would say "I live in a hotel"
I do wish I wrote down some of the things he said.
He could not WAIT to meet Captain Hook or Peter Pan, but when those times came, he hid behind me.
He was adorable meeting characters. Kissing Minnie on her nose as well as Mickey. (ick.. how many OTHER kids kissed that nose!)
SRG- yes we did Bugs life, and he liked it. There was ONE ride he said "Mom, I dont want to go on that one ever again" But I cant remember which one it was. Maybe Dinosaur? Haunted Mansion? Those were pretty much the only two we went on ONE Time.
He LOVED The Nemo Musical.. and he sat there with such anticipation before the show... telling EVERYONE around us "Are you ready for the show? This is going to be great!" The people around us thought he had seen it before.