Thursday, October 02, 2008

Random items in between packing boxes

Ok, you all are a weird bunch! Your comments on my post about my brother's offer to marry my husband were hysterical! I threw the idea out there because I thought it was a funny offer and didn't have anything else to say that day, but didn't realize you guys would embrace it so heartily. I should have known though, because you must have the same weird sense of humor (that's "humour" for you, Mollymoo!) SJ and I do to enjoy Funny Gals. Thanks for all the laughs in the middle of a stressful time (but we're moving this weekend, so perhaps the stress will lessen after that? Maybe? Please?)

And, on a more serious note, I'm going to encourage everyone to get certified in CPR. I did it last night (after years of putting it off) and am feeling pretty awesome about it. For one thing, it's so much easier than in the past-- there's very little to remember-- and dude, how awesome would it be to save someone's life? I know I would be calling them every other day like, "Hey, remember the time I saved your life? Yeah, how about meeting me for lunch? You pay. Why? Oh, a little thing called I saved your life." Which would be especially weird if I didn't know them prior to the lifesaving heroics I performed to (you guessed it) save their life.

But seriously, it took a four-hour class in first aid and CPR to get this handy-dandy little card saying I am practically a superhero (or, perhaps it says making out with a CPR dummy for a few hours last night makes me something of an expert-- I haven't really read the fine print). And you know how when you were little and you got a bike for Christmas, you couldn't wait to ride it so you rode circles around the kitchen all day while the snow fell outside? (No? Just me?) Well, anyway, that's how I feel about CPR. I know it-- now someone needs to give me a reason to put my "skillz" to work. I may just have to head over to the mall and prowl the food court, scoping out the unhealthiest eaters in the hopes the big one hits while I'm watching. Or, you know, I could just go shoe shopping instead.


sj said...

this actually reminds me of that family guy episode when peter goes around giving people cpr at random.

i'm a little alarmed, actually, that you won't use your powers for good. like if you're in the middle of an argument with someone and just randomly decide to get them to shut up by giving cpr? that'd not be cool.

SouthernBelle said...

Yay, Family Guy reference!

Kat, isn't it comforting to know that there are at least a few people in this crazy mixed-up world with exactly the same warped world-view as oneself? I love reading y'all's blog (and the others it introduced me to)!

; )

- C - said...

I took a CPR class because a really hot guy had signed up for the class as well. I didn't get to flirt with the guy much, but i'm glad I took the class anyway.

hautepocket said...

The Big One. Hah! Now you're wishing attacks on others for your personal gain. That's fantastic, and I love it. (But yes, get some new shoes and look fabulous while saving those lives, girl!

Srg said...

Funny you mention CPR. I think I'm almost up for my renewal, but I take the training thru work which also includes how to use an AED (automated external defibrillator.) Now there's a fun skill to have!

And I am also an official emergency response team member for my department. So if someone has the unfortunate excitement of suffering a heart attack at work - I can attend to them before the paramedics arrive.

Chris said...

I think it's pretty cool that you admit to cruising around hoping people collapse.

In this spirit of open honesty, I will admit that I enjoy watching people fall down stairs.

Phew, I feel better already.

FunnyGals - "like therapy, but cheaper".

Andy said...

Just to clarify-- you got certified in CPR to save lives, or to get a free sandwich one day?

FunnyGal KAT said...

OF COURSE the free food! Why, do people learn CPR for another reason?