Wednesday, October 01, 2008

wednesday's list: five things i fear

lists are so fun and so easy, aren't they? that's why today i've got a list for you to feel free to take and use when you too are feeling lazy.

five things that scare me? only five? well okay. if i insist. (get it? because i'm the one who wrote it. funny! wait. why aren't you laughing?)

1) spiders and other creepy crawly things. it doesn't matter if they're "perfectly harmless" and "don't bite" and yada yada yada. i don't like them. i don't care that they eat bad bugs. the fact that they're cannibalistic to their own kind doesn't make them less creepy.

2) driving in inclement weather. i have a huge fear of hydro-planing. and because i tend to drive over 100 miles a day, i basically live in fear each day. although, for the record, i'm not one of those people that goes 30 on the highway. i drive sensibly. but in fear.

3) losing people. i've mentioned this before. i tend to keep to myself, so when i lose someone who is close to me, i take it poorly. i hate funerals and wakes, and tend to be easily emotionally overwhelmed.

4) i am deathly afraid of heights. i can't even stand near the window in a tall building without some kind of anchor to hold on to. flying freaks me out, as you can imagine, and although i do it, i still hate taking off in a plane.

5) someone breaking into my house. to the point where i've leaned brooms and stuff against the doors when i'm home by myself. i also sleep with my phone in hand, and mag light/baseball bat in close proximity. some day, j will be knocked unconscious.


jal12771 said...

good post!! I am with you on #1,#3 and #5... Esp #5... and YES I sleep with a mag light as well... under the pillow and TWO phones cell and house... i am so paranoid....
my DH has been hit w/ a coffee mug and mag light in the middle of the night because I have feared 'creepy crawlies' and tried to "squash" them with the available items I had nearby..

- C - said...

I seriously did laugh about the whole "if I insist" comment ... now that's funny!

SouthernBelle said...

I completely approve of #1. In Australia, most spiders can pretty much kill you, so even if that's not the case here, I just think "kill now, ask questions later" is the best policy with spiders. Even Husband the vegetarian, who hates killing things on principle, has a thing about spiders and has been known to kill ones that look dangerous.

and SO with you on #4. Although it's not heights specifically for me, it's more of an edges thing. I'm fine in a plane, I'm more or less fine behind glass or a railing. But an unprotected edge with a long drop? Makes my stomach turn inside out. I screamed like a psychotic harridan at Husband when he stood right on the unfenced edge of the Colorado Canyon because I was terrified he was going to be swept into the canyon by the strong winds.

hautepocket said...

You took the words (fears) right out of my mouth!

just a girl... said...

what is creepier is that 4 of the 5 are also my top 5. I am not scared of heights but the other 4 fit me to a tee. #5 is the worst, my x just moved out and I think i have given myself insomnia. Every time the ac shuts off i swear to you i get up and start checking doors and windows. lol. nice to meet you

Andy said...

You should watch the show "It Takes a Thief" on Discovery- they have former pro thiefs break into people's homes as the homeowners watch. You'll never sleep again. They do it easily.
Also, I hydroplaned in Greenwich once when I was still a Nutmegger. Good times.

Sam_I_am said...

So with you on number 5. I own a handgun, and I have a reoccurring nightmare about people breaking into my house and then I forget how to use it or it won't fire. That's the only reoccurring nightmare I've ever had.

Srg said...

I've hydroplaned before and let me tell you - it's no fun! I did a 180 on punch brook once thanks to standing water on the road.

And I'm totally with you on #5. When J goes away for his week of training every year, I grab the biggest knife we have and keep it in my nightstand at night.