Friday, October 03, 2008

today sucks. sorry.

it's true. it does. i have nothing funny to say, so instead, i'm going to fill this entry with a meme.

is that wrong? sorry. maybe it is. but, to quote Chris Griffin, "I'm in no mood!"

i stole ... um... i mean, borrowed this from this random site that i found when googling.

1. what song frequently gets stuck in your head?
i frequently get different songs stuck in my head. today's song is "hard" by grey eye glances. which is a lovely song. if you don't know it, you should listen to it. i bet you'll like it.

2. Choose one line from a song that sums up your life thus far.
i really can't pick one line that sums up my life, but i can at least share one that i can relate to right now:
And I still need the beauty of words sung and spoken
And I live with the fear that my spirit will be broken

from Dar Williams' In Love but Not at Peace.

3. Do you have one all-time favorite song (if so, what is it?) or do you skip around?
i don't. i have too many. it's more like a favorite song of the day.

4. How do you listen to music most often (pod, radio, etc)?
i listen to music 20 hours of the day. all day long on my macbook, and in my car/at home on my ipod. i rarely listen to the radio.

5. American Idol: fantastic show or overrated?
don't watch it.


hautepocket said... kind of sucks here in SoCal too. Good thing it's friday. :)

SouthernBelle said...

TGIF, you guys. That song is nice, sounds kinda like The Cranberries, without the Irish yodeling. Reminds me of when I used to listen to white people's music! (did I mention I'm a hardcore gangsta?)

Srg said...

i wish we could stream music here at work otherwise i'd be listening to stuff all day long too.

alas, all i have at my disposal is my trusty ipod touch and my handy post-it note that contains a list of songs that i need to download to itunes when i get the chance. which isn't often enough. and by the time i do download, it'll probably be old by then!

Molly said...

We all need martinis. I need a martini. I am overworked and it is interfering with my blog reading and writing!

Savvy Mode SG said...

hope you have a nicer weekend.