Thursday, October 30, 2008

It could only happen to me...

So you've probably caught on that things have been a bit, um, stressful lately, what with the suddenly having no job and not being approved for a mortgage because of the lack of job. But, now that it seems to be over (I'm employed! Mortgage approval is pending! The sale of our house went through! Yay!) I can laugh about all those little bumps along the way. Tee-hee! Ha ha! Bwa-hahahahahaha!

Whew! That does feel better. I would be hard pressed to pick one thing that sucked more than the others (having to fight with the phone company in 12 calls in one week?!? still not having the Internet working at our house?!? having to return to a job I had very much enjoyed leaving?!?) but only one has a semi-amusing story attached to it.

Shortly before we completed our move out of the old house, I decided to put a gift certificate for a pedicure that Kat's lil sis gave me to good use. So I scheduled the appointment amid a day of running to the bank, running to the Pretend Husband's office to sign documents and a gynecologist appointment. It was going to be awesome! The highlight of an otherwise crappy day!

I walk into the fancy schmancy spa and am looking forward to just relaxing. I pick a color, climb into the vibrating chair, put my feet into the warm, bubbling water and ahhhh... And just when I think it can't get any better, the pedicurist offers me a drink. Amid the choices: a glass of wine. Awesome! So she brings me a glass of white wine and then proceeds to give me the best leg massage ever. Ahhhh.

And then some annoying, friends-with-the-owner, constantly-checking-her-Blackberry, spends-the-entire-visit-giving-financial-advice-to-pedicurist woman climbs into the chair next to me and immediately knocks my glass of wine over into my lap and into my purse on the floor next to me. Argh!

She was slightly apologetic (I don't know about you, but I would have been saying "I'm so sorry" for the rest of the appointment...) and then went back to being her annoying self. I managed to tune her out for most of the rest of what is definitely the best pedicure I've ever gotten and thought that was the end of it. Until I got out of the appointment and went to use my cell phone.

OF COURSE Annoying Wine Lady couldn't just drench me and my purse, but she made sure some of it leaked into my cellphone, too. Which caused my cellphone not to work. Just a week after the PH's cellphone stopped working. And before our landline was finally hooked up in the house. Which left me at the house without a phone during the day and us shoving each other out of the way to use the PH's work cellphone at night. Fun times, I tell ya.

But, we got our landline, the PH bought a used phone off the Internet and my replacement phone is currently on its way to me. And that, my dear readers, is hopefully the last of my bitching for a very, very long time.


sj said...

do you need a phone??

we have a few, since we don't have a landline anymore, much to the annoyance of my parents.

i have missed you, my friend, but i am in work HELL this week. beyond hell. i'm in the smallest circle of Dante's inferno.

but maybe this weekend??

SouthernBelle said...

oh, much phone-related sympathy! It sucks being without a phone. That and the internet, I can't imagine life without.

My cell got wet in an Incident and has not worked the same ever since, although it is mostly okay it has this habit of turning itself off every so often, and anytime it gets knocked against anything even lightly. yep, it sucks. But thank goodness it still more-or-less works, because I am 9 months away from where I can get a free one from the company and too poor to buy a new one.

sj said...

sb - i once walked into a lake (with KAT) with my phone, and it worked, however poorly, for two years after that. i know have a blackjack and it's like crack to me. it's horrible.

so kat, do you HAVE your phone back now? or no.

scargosun said...

I cannot believe that woman did not offer you something for doing that! I would have offered to pay for the other person's pedicure or a hand massage or SOMETHING.

FunnyGal KAT said...

House phone: check
Cell phone: should have it in a day or two (got a used one on eBay for cheap and it only has to last until June, so I should be good)

Thanks for asking, SJ!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Yeah I'm pretty sure spilling wine all over someone like that is grounds for a smack down.

I would have slapped her.

I wish I were joking.

Srg said...

Oh that is just awful!! Ok - here's hoping nothing else happens to you guys for a long while!

Although tonight is mischief night...and now you guys live near a high school...LOL

Andy said...

I've dropped my phone in water a few times...It eventually works again after it dries out, but for awhile, it sounds like I'm trying to audition for Finding Nemo 2

Muffy Willowbrook said...

What a jerk!

hautepocket said...

Whhhhat?! Figures that your relaxing spa adventure was anything but...congrats on the mortgage though. :)