Saturday, September 13, 2008

my dog likes martinis.

The following exchange took place around 1 this morning between me and Bailey. As a reminder (because I haven't blogged about Bales in a while), he's my 4 year old springer spaniel. He's not an actual person, although I forget this sometime.


"Bailey. what do you want?"

"Woooooooof." I open my eyes to see him staring down at me. He's sitting on my pillow, staring at me, and woofing quietly and deeply.

"What. do. you. want. Bailey, it's one in the morning and mommy is tired! Remember that martini you tried to help me drink? Yeah. Well. Now I'm tired. I'm NOT making you a martini. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to drink anyway."


"I don't care that you are 28 in dog years. I'm not buying it. Forget it. Ask daddy. Mommy is TIRED."

"WOOF!" There's scratching until my covers are completely off of me.

"FINE! But you're only getting water. Dogs are *not* supposed to drink."

I very groggily went downstairs and found a bottle of water and very groggily went back upstairs to find my dog completely passed out, and spooning with my husband on my side of the bed, with his head on my pillow.

Sure, he might look innocent and cute. But whatever. That little bastard is sneaky.


Molly said...

A dog after my own heart! I think I could really like Bailey and if I ever move out to Boston, I will be sure to make him a special martini just for him!

Missed you last night but drank lots of chocolate pear and white chocolate martinis in your absence!

Srg said...

That is hilarious! Ok next time you have GOT to take a picture of that!

Bryan said...


SouthernBelle said...

Awwww... I forget my doggies are not people too.

When our dog Missy comes to sleep on our bed she does these huge sighs, like "God! I'm trying to sleep here you guys." Both dogs are also guilty of spot-hogging; if only one of us is in bed they will totally take the other spot, including pillow.

Andy said...

Wait, you call Bailey "Bales" for short, too? The similarities between our dogs grow each day.

kirida said...

You make me want to have a dog...