Thursday, September 18, 2008

fall cleaning.

so, besides the cold, which sucks, it's been a crazy busy week for both of us here at Funnygals, so we apologize for our sluggish posting. in truth, i was in a zicoma, which, as you know, is induced by drinking metallic tasting, overly sweet syrup called zicam. which, allegedly heals you. whatev. it's disgusting enough to make you forget about the phlegm in the back of your throat, but that's about it.

and quite frankly, while i've been driven insane with crap, i have nothing really new to report except to say that i freakin' love fall but i freakin' hate people (not everyone. not you, certainly. just you know. the creepers).

love it. spring and fall - or as i call them, the in-betweens, have long been my favorite seasons.

i love my fall wardrobe -- with all of those long cozy sweaters.
i love all the exciting things to do every weekend like going apple picking or going to a country fair.
i love the cool nights that make me glad i have those cozy sweaters.
and i love pumpkins. is that weird? because i totally do. i'm growing them, in fact. but poorly. really, i have an overgrown patch of weeds with some gourds. a crapload of gourds. and by growing them, really i mean i dumped the seeds in the ground and let nature take its course. there wasn't any weeding or watering, etc.

and i've also decided -- just now -- to do some fall cleaning. i just cleaned my cell phone out of all of those numbers of people that a) i don't ever call anymore for one reason or another (like former colleagues that i only had in my phone so i'd recognize the number when they called me) and b) that i shouldn't have in there in the first place (former flames, people that i don't like, etc.)

it feels wonderful. so awesome, in fact, that i just now decided to do the same thing with my buddy list. i rely on instant messenger (both AIM and MSN) all day long for work, and every once in a while, i'd shoot an IM over to a friend just to vent or check in, etc. and there are some people that have languished on there - i message them, but they rarely respond, else they're rarely online.

i deleted those suckers.

it's awesome. and liberating. i totally recommend it.


Meg said...

I need a new fall/winter wardrobe.

hautepocket said...

Yay! Long live sweater weather!

P.S. I laughed out loud at 'zicoma.' hehe. GET BETTER!

Stephanie said...

Sweater season is the best season of all. I love pumpkins too, but I prefer to let the professional pumpkin patchers do the growing for me. Mainly because I suck at keeping things alive.

Srg said...

And here I thought this was going to be a post about cleaning the house! LOL

Ok, can we go shopping together soon? Cause I really need new fall/winter clothes and I have no idea where to go to get stuff that a.) fits properly on my 5'2" self and b.) looks appropriate for work but doesn't make me look too old.

SouthernBelle said...

sj - feel better soon, colds suck!

srg - I know right? I'm 5'7" but small framed (little shoulders) so I try to shop in the technically-too-young-for-me young peoples section, or the Petite section, otherwise I look like a kid wearing Mummy's coat. Macy's has some good stuff right now.

sj said...

stephanie, i haven't let that stop me. unfortunately for the things trying to live in my backyard.

as for shopping...

oh boy. twist my arm.

seriously? when do i ever need an excuse for shopping?! as everyone knows, i'm in love with target. we've been having an affair behind the mall's back for a year now.

seriously, srg. do you think we could bring the boys and have lunch at california pizza kitchen and stuff? and then let them occupy themselves?

Andy said...

That sounds like a great idea, actually. I've got names in my cell I don't even recognize.
I should do that with Facebook- delete Friends who are only Friends in Facebook terms.

sj said...

andy, i've totally considered doing that with facebook, but then, i'm still fairly new on it, so i don't think it's time to purge just yet.

but soon....

Srg said...

That sounds like an awesome idea! We'll turn them loose in the mall but make sure to catch up with them later on cause i'm sure we'll need someone to help carry all the bags...I'm such a bad wife...