Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Zicam is *Not* flavorless

i have my first cold of the season. dammit. i HATE having a cold. and i haven't been sick since april, so i'm a huge baby about it.

but i'm powering through it because i want to go see this singer tonight in New Haven because i just love her and i'm trying to set up two friends. so i'm loading up on various kinds of drugs. most recently, i took some motrin to treat the body aches and sore throat. this morning, i took tylenol cold and sinus.

and last night? i took the most disgusting medicine i've ever had: zicam. it's like the equivalent of rancid sprite syrup in your juice and then sucking it down.

nasty. and they market it as "virtually flavorless." whatever. if that's the case, then i'm virtually a supermodel millionaire.

bah! i'm going to go curl up with my vicks-scented tissues now. wake me when it's time for me to drag my carcass out to a bar in new haven.


Meg said...

My friend used zicam last night and I thought she was going to throw up all over me. She was gagging so much! I don't think it works because today she is bundled up in bed sick as ever.

Stephanie said...

If you consider a horrifying metallic taste similar to what stroke victims must experience flavorless, then yes, Zicam is flavorless.

Freaking Zicam.

Hope you feel better soon!

hautepocket said...

Maybe you just need some Brandy? Feel better! (I'm a huge baby when I'm sick, too!)

Muffy Willowbrook said...

UGH! So sorry you are not feeling well! Zicam usually does the trick for me, but you are right - it's difficult to get down.

Just think of the love that could be sprouting tonight because of you - maybe that will warm you all over and make you feel better.


Weeksie50 said...

Zicam makes me sick. Eew.

I hope you start feeling better..


jal12771 said...

hi sorry your not feeling well Sj... hope you are better by the weekend.. ;-)

Bryan said...

thank you!

I think taking zicam is worse than having the cold! Nasty!

Andy said...

What place in New Haven? I used to live up there...gotta love the Green. And the hobos.

If it's flavorless, then they should drop the "virtually" shenanigans. Since it's not, don't fool us.

- C - said...

Yeah I started experiencing cold symptoms last night. I had some Zicam in the medicine cabinet, but I think I would rather have the flu then take that crap.

WTF is going on? Everyone is sick.

Burg said...

Yuck. I hope that stuff was worth it and you feel better!

- C - said...

I went ahead and tried the Zicam last night... yeah that was BAD!

Srg said...

I only have the Zicam throat spray and while it does work really well, yeah - it's nasty going down!

Hope you feel better!