Thursday, August 28, 2008

okay. time to crank up the funny.

now that i've depressed you all with the talk of my Gramma, and with KAT's bad news about the layoff, i thought it's only fair that i share a bit of funny.

goodness knows *i* could use some funny right about now.

i don't think i've shared this story on the blog before, although it's likely KAT and SRG have heard it many times.

it's the story of my interview at a huge insurance giant in hartford, which is also the story of how i nearly called off the wedding.

i went in for my interview on october 28th. i was working as a reporter at the time, so i tried to be all sneaky when sneaking off to hartford for the big interview. goodness knows i couldn't show up in the newsroom wearing a suit.

but i was *prepared* - i had my notes, my updated copies of my resume, a solid understanding of what an HMO was -- i was ready.

i mastered the first interview with two women - we got along famously. and then they told me - "we really want you to meet with maureen*." i have no idea who this person is, because by this point, i was now interviewing for another job than the one i came in for. "we think you're over qualified for this job, but this one over here would be great for you..."

they walked me down the hallway, and i looked around at the cube farm, wondering where this mysterious maureen sat. as i turned around the corner, i heard a very bright "Hello!" and i looked. down. at the woman. who was a... um... little person. dressed as an M&M. as in. candy colored shell over chocolate. doesn't melt in your hand, but rather, in your mouth.

was this an elaborate HR test? apparently not. it really was the woman i was interviewing with. she disappeared for a minute to "change" and met me a few minutes later and asked me intensely difficult questions -- ones you do not expect to hear from an M&M.

i did end up getting the job. but the best part is, when i got into the lobby of the large insurance company, i called j, who happened to work on the floor above where i interviewed.

me: "you will never believe who i interviewed with."
j: "wait, was it the midget that dresses up?"
me: "this was a possibility that you didn't care to share with me *prior* to my interview?"
j: (laughing. loudly.)
me: "hello?"
j: (still laughing.)
me: "the wedding is so off."


Meg said...

Wait...She just dresses up for the fun of it? Thats strange.

sj said...

apparently she dresses up for various rather odd holidays. halloween, of course, but also... valentine's day. st. patrick's day (NOT as a leprechaun), Easter...

Molly said...

I cannot believe I have never heard this story before! Brilliant! I would not have been able to contain my laughter so I applaud you for being so composed.

Burg said...

Oh my... There's no way I could have held it together!!! She must really have fun with life though! LOL!

Stephanie said...

There is no way I could have kept it together. You are a bigger person than I, for I would have been doubled over and may have exploded with trying not to laugh and hurt the poor woman's feelings.

enthalpymama said...

Wow. Can't add to an interview with an M&M. That is unique.

hautepocket said...

Normally a life-sized M&M would be a dream come true. This is quite possible the greatest interview story I've ever heard!

Mama's Losin' It said...

Oh how your husband is great!! Classic.

Srg said...

And yet you 2 still managed to get married despite all of that and are now living happily ever after!!

At least she went and changed. It would have been even more weird (and hilarious) if she interviewed you in her M&M outfit!!