Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm scaring myself with my productivity

Who knew getting laid off would be so good for me?!? I have gotten more done in the last two days than I probably have in the entire three months I worked for the company. Of course, very little of it had to do with my actual job.

For example, after covering an event yesterday, instead of trying to find more stories to cover, I blew out of there and headed to the new house... where I painted and cleaned for the next five hours. Five hours! The only thing I do for that long is sleep. But, y'all, I was on fire. I scrubbed the floors ON MY HANDS AND KNEES. I didn't quite get to the level of using a toothbrush to scrub the tile grout, but I thought about it.

What is wrong with me?!? Right after I started cleaning, I cut my finger on a piece of metal. And you know what I did after it started bleeding everywhere? Oh yeah, I wrapped a napkin around it and used my left hand to keep scrubbing! Seriously, I think I have a problem.

Let me pause here for a moment to let KAT's lil sis regain consciousness and get over the shock of me becoming a cleaning machine (I'm sure she well remembers all the Saturdays I spent in our room puttering around instead of cleaning-- only to throw everything in the closet or under the bed when Mom decided enough was enough).

And in case you think that was a one-day thing motivated by the idea of being able to move to a new, bigger house, let me tell you about this morning (KAT's lil sis, you might want to sit down for this...) This morning, the Pretend Husband woke me up sometime in the 6 o'clock hour (the details are a little hazy because I was tired and half-sleep for at least an hour after that...) I took the dogs out as usual, gave them breakfast and then, instead of going back to bed or plopping down in front of the computer to slack off, I WENT GROCERY SHOPPING. (I'm beginning to get concerned I caught some disease or something-- I know rabies causes animals to act uncharacteristically, could I have rabies?)

Yeah, it was before 8 o'clock in the morning and there I was, zipping up and down the aisles of the supermarket, only to come home, cut up the watermelon I bought, make coffee and sit down in front of my computer to do some work at 9 a.m. At this rate, I'll have our entire house packed up and loaded onto a truck by the time the PH gets home from work tonight.


sj said...

okay. i'm officially concerned.

do i need to call someone to check on you? do i need to drive up there to check on you? because i will. i'll leave work right now! don't tempt me!

hautepocket said...

You're productivity is giving me a headache.:)

Molly said...

Who are you and what have you done with KAT?!

KAT's little sis said...

Knock me over with a feather- KAT is actually cleaning something! Since you've had so much practice lately, feel free to come down to my house and make it sparkle as well. I'm too pregnant to keep up with 3 dogs and a husband.

Srg said...

Ok - your lil sis should be the one with the major nesting activities going on, not you!