Thursday, August 07, 2008

not so funny.

sorry. this isn't a funny post, mostly because i don't have a whole lot of funny going on these days. in fact, i must warn you that the humor you may find in this post is the gruesome kind of humor that some people find offensive.

tomorrow morning i'll be attending a memorial service for my aunt who recently passed away (Tuesday). i have really mixed feelings about this whole thing -- mostly because i did not have a close relationship with her for the past few years. i should have mended things before she died, but i didn't. i'm not sure how i feel about it either.

but she is my second aunt (and my mom's second sister) to die from cancer in three years. to which i say: leave my family the f^#k alone, cancer.

however, because i am one of those people that deals really badly with death, i have been trying my hardest to think of other things. funnier things, really.

it started at work today when i was trying to leave early to get to my mom's house in order to prep for the service. i spoke with a cousin last night who told me that they were looking to us to bring baked goods to the after service reception.

which led me to think: what kind of cupcakes do you serve at a funeral?

one of my good friends told me "black. just burn them. it'll be fine." (when i said, "but my aunt is going to be cremated" he responded with: "even more fitting.")

another suggested: "funfetti, naturally."

after a host of inappropriate jokes with my colleagues, at one point, for the first time in WEEKS, i was laughing so hard i cried. i have done my share of crying for the past month for a variety of reasons, so to cry from laughing was rather therapeutic.

and goodness knows i could use some therapy.

current itunes song: "the man that got away" by judy garland


jal12771 said...

note-to-self... do not sip coffee while reading SJ's posts.

I will admit I have thrown some 'gruesome' humor into this situation as well. It is sad.. and I agree... "cancer.. leave our family ALONE already!"

Molly said...

I want to be all flip and funny but I can't, because I am really sad for you my dear SJ. Sorry that you are going through this, I lost an aunt to cancer and it sucks balls.

Hope the service goes as well as it can today and you all share some fond and funny memories of your aunt.

Will have a martini waiting for you.

Srg said...

So sorry to hear about your aunt sj! Cancer is a horrible thing - it runs through my family like wildfire. Everything from lung to breast to colon cancer.

I hope all goes well today at the service and know that we'll be thinking of you!