Monday, August 04, 2008

because molly asked for it...

although the contest has long since closed (congratulations to the lovely winners!), I felt it was my duty to Molly to still describe my ideal martini party. after all, she did call me lazy. and really, i just didn't think it fair that KAT and i have *two* entries.

while i do love the city and the excitement and energy it has, my martini party will actually be at my beach-side mansion. i mean, really, if we're going to fantasize, we may as well go all out, right?

so let's say we're in newport, island. and let's say it's next weekend, so we happen to coincide with the jazz festival and perhaps take our mansion's sailboat over to fort adams state park and partake in some chris botti, etc. loveliness. and since we happen to be with george clooney, colin firth, pierce brosnan -- and -- call me crazy but I LOVE HIM - kevin smith, we have no troubles getting first class viewing. and we will invite all of the lovely musicians back to our mansion for a late night jam session.

there will be classic martinis for Pierce, flirtinis for George and Molly (because that so describes their horrible behavior), and a nice smooth pomegranate martini for me and colin. and i know that SRG is fuming right now that i stole her man, so fine. i'm willing to share colin with you, but me and Pierce may disappear for a while while we dance on the rolling green lawn to some lovely jazz -- but i would have made sure his martini has olives and not onions for practical snogging reasons (also for molly - a little cross the pond slang) or we'll all stay right there, sipping our martinis while kevin smith entertains the bejeesus out of everyone with his hilarious antics but filthy language.

and of course because this is my fantasy martini party, it happens to be that we all wake up the next morning and miraculously not one of us has a hang over.

the end.


Molly said...

I take it all back, you are not lazy and your martini party is fabulous! I am so glad that George and I are getting our flirt on, and I like the English slang - I need a good snog! I need a good snog followed by a good shag!

I think I have to move out and live near you guys, seriously!

You have to meet up with Meg in Rhode Island, she won the mini shaker and she has NEVER HAD A FRICKIN' MARTINI! So please, devirginize her and show her how the bad girls drink!

Srg said...

I'm ok with sharing colin, but once you disappear with pierce, i'll be disappearing with colin and not for a dance on the rolling green!

Love the part about not having a hangover the next day! Ok, so when are going??