Friday, June 27, 2008

Kat's Lil Sis swears she doesn't know what she did to scare them off

When Kat's Lil Sis got home from work the other night, Lil Brother-In-Law was standing out in the driveway shaking his head. Remember the neighbors that moved to a different house in the same neighborhood to avoid living next door to the Lil Sis house? Well, time for Round Two.

While Lil Bil was working on the lawn, he saw the husband pull up and begin to turn into the driveway of his former home (which apparently he still owns, which means Lil Sis and Bil are so bad to live near, these people are willing to pay two mortgages to get away from them!) I guess the weirdos still get their mail at their old house. Well, when the guy saw Lil Bil standing there, he quickly abandoned the turn and took off!

Ideas to mess with these people now range from Lil Sis and Bil sitting out on their front lawn every evening in an effort to keep them from getting their mail unless they sneak up in the middle of the night to Lil Bil befriending someone who works in the same department as the guy (because yes, they work for the same company!) and spending all his time hanging around that department and freaking the former neighbor out.

Of course, I think Lil Sis and Lil Bil should spend less time figuring out how to further bug these people and more time thinking about what they did to scare them away. I can say from experience that Lil Sis is no day in the park to share living space with, but who knew Lil Bil was such a pain to put up with too?!?


Anonymous said...

I think they are in the secret witness program and think that Lil' Sis has figured out their awful secret!

Maybe leave something in the mailbox with cut out newspaper letters that says "we know where you live!". And set up a video recorder to get their reaction when they read it and post it here, to further entertain us!

Lisa said...

Oh that is so funny that this guy did that. Dude sounds a wee bit paranoid... Odd that the family hasn't sold the house tho....