Wednesday, June 25, 2008

not ready for kids entry #251

so i didn't blog about this last week, but i should have.

e, my sister's son, has learned to fish. he's a prodigy of sorts, because he's just 3. except that while he loves to cast - and is fantastic at it -- he doesn't really realize that he has sharp hooks at the end of the pole.

so friday night, i was visiting my parents with j because, after spending 3 days away from me and bailey, the first thing he wanted to do on friday night was... to go visit my parents. (sadly, so true.)

and soon the sister formerly known as anonymous brought e and there was a party. a *fishing* party. my dad has a pond in his backyard, stocked with lots of little fish, and we spent the better part of a half-hour scouring the yard for worms to use as bait.

i do find it somewhat funny when the first time e caught a fish he launched it out of the water so fast that the poor fish (and nearly - me) didn't know what hit it.

funnier still when j said to e "give me the fish" and as e swung the pole over to him (and everyone within a 20 feet radius ducked), my 5'10 very well-built, very masculine husband turned to me and handed me the pole "here, auntie sj. you can take this off..."

right. but we did all take turns with the little kiddie pole trying to land the little fishies (which, is not at all like shooting fish in a barrel. it actually was harder than you'd think, considering the fish couldn't really escape us).

and that's how i spent my friday night. the end.

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Anonymous said...

Didn't j pass you fish on our family vacation as well?

BTW_ E was in the driveway 'fishing' tonight.. he was practicing... and let me tell ya.. thank god it was a plastic fish..with no hooks...thats all i will say