Monday, June 23, 2008

I will never understand men... especially the one I'm married to!

So my last post was about the Pretend Husband's bad day, which included getting rear ended at a stoplight. Here's the update: the next morning, the PH was going out the door when he stopped and said, "I'm wearing the same pants from yesterday. I'm going to try to reverse my bad luck."

He went on to say something about a "lucky suit" that he wears when he needs his day to go smoothly, but I was laughing too hard at his concept of re-wearing pants to reverse his luck to listen.

(Then he got proven right because after seven months of fighting with an insurance company trying to get them to finally cancel our insurance policy with them, we got a big rebate check. When I told the PH, he said he's going to continue to wear that pair of pants until we win the lottery.)


Anonymous said...

Stinky McStinkypants is all I can say!

But hurrah for the rebate check! And when you win the lottery, can you fly me out there for a martini celebration?

Srg said...

Along Molly's McStinkypants comment...I think those pants are going to demand their own share of the pot if he wears them until you win since they'll probably be able to stand on their own by then!