Wednesday, April 09, 2008

what? it's not like i have matching bags for all of them.

we've talked a little bit about my shoes... so during a recent cleaning binge, i decided to lay them out and take a kind of inventory of what i have and shed out some pairs that i kept despite the fact that the heel was chipped, or the leather was cracked, etc.

granted, i have since purchased.. um... my granny shoes, a really cute reddish blackish pair of mary janes, and some bone and black slingbacks so perhaps this isn't a complete inventory.

i've also "found" a pair of brown and pink flat sling backs, a pair of olive green rounded toed pumps with cute little rhinestone buckle and my favorite kenneth cole pointy toed kitten heeled pumps -- all of which were buried under a pile of winter clothes that I haven't moved in about a year.

and there are a few pairs in my car that i keep "just in case" - a pair of peep toe black heels, and a pair of sexy bronze pumps with lacey cut outs on the side, and of course, a pair of sensible (but very cute!) ballet black flats.

and then there are some boots that i have for winter time that *of course* don't get put with the rest of my shoes.

none of these are pictured here, so the rest of my collection kind of looks like this....

the bronzy ones with the tassels and turquoise linings, are, btw, my favorites. via spigas with little kitten heels that make every outfit i own feel fabulous.

and here are my absolute favorites - my strappy enzo angiolini sandals. they're about six years old now -- i bought them prior to a weekend in boston with j when we were first dating. these are my go to shoes i tend to put on when i need a little confidence booster. i probably should get rid of them, but i just can't part with them.

so call me crazy, but i do really love my shoes.


FunnyGal KAT said...

OK, you're crazy. But since I'm going to be working someplace where I have to dress up more than I do now, can I borrow a couple pairs of your shoes?

Anonymous said...

I can't see the pictures! They are not showing up on Firefox or Internet Exploder! I wanna see shoes.

Srg said...

Besides all that, you keep 3 pairs of shoes in your car?? I agree w/KAT - you are crazy! I have a pair that would make you proud though! They're burgundy 4" heeled enzos that I found for $20 at TJ Maxx. The sides have this lacey pattern cut into them. And usually wear them with jeans - LOL. And i'll have to show you my fire engine red peep-toe pumps someday. I call them my Jessica Simpson shoes!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess we cant say we are related when it comes to shoes.. because I HATE SHOE SHOPPING.. and I HATE SHOES!!!! AAGHH!!! I walked into DSW for the first time EVER two weeks ago.. and while shoe lovers would hyperventilate....I screamed!!

sj said...

wow. anonymous.

i'm not sure we're related anymore.

molly, i republished, so i hope you can see them now!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I see them and all I can say is, bloodyhell! Really, that many shoes??? I started to get into shoes two years ago but my collection is nowhere near yours. Now I really want to go and buy some new shoes!

zendona said...

I see trees of green
Red roses, too
I watch them bloom
For me and for you
And I think to myself...

I'm going to buy some more shoes

sj said...

okay, ray. that does put in perspective the fact that i am indeed too attached to my things.

but metallic via spigas! with kitten heels!

an update: i have since this entry lost a pair of favorites to my dog, who found them when he was brooding about being left home alone. so subtract from this my steve madden loafers.

zendona said...

Oooh! Steve Madden - I have 4 pair! Now you are speaking my language. Say "Kenneth Cole" and I will have to start reading your blog in private.

sj said...


"...i've also "found" a pair of brown and pink flat sling backs, a pair of olive green rounded toed pumps with cute little rhinestone buckle and my favorite kenneth cole pointy toed kitten heeled pumps -..."

and - fyi - just booked our trip for may 10-13 in orlando. saratoga springs one bedroom (couldn't book the boardwalk...).

zendona said...

Great! See you in May! Don't you dare try to pay to get in. Drinks are on the house!