Friday, April 18, 2008

sj's newest fun thing to read

i know you all think i'm incredibly deep and all, but from time to time, i *love* to be a catty catty woman. and these girls are not catty. they are genius.

there are few things that make me giggle and forget about my day to day traumas so much as the bad fashion choices made by pseudo-celebrities.

i say this as i'm currently sporting a mini dress, belted, over jeans. perhaps not my best outfit ever, but on my worst day, i rarely make decisions like these.

good for those celebrities, being all brave and such -- putting yourselves out there on display so that we know never to mix leopard print leggings with a gingham sundress.

to that i say - thank you!


Dating at Forty said...
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Dating at Forty said...

Totally agree -- the Go Fug girls are possibly the greatest geniuses of our time. I don't think I've ever seen (or read) anything funnier than this:

The hell?

Srg said...

Sheesh! And I thought I had some bad outfits! Nothing I have compares to that stuff!

Anonymous said...

I always thought that Chloe girl was weird but this site definitely confirms it!