Thursday, April 17, 2008

You’re on notice…

So I just gave my boss my notice (and yes, you can make fun of me for not posting some big announcement on FunnyGals on the slight, slight, slight chance someone from work has found the blog and would give me away… go ahead. I’ll wait. There, feel better?)

I find giving my notice kind of tough to do. I’ve actually cried before when doing it (even though I was the one who had gone out looking for a new job because I was no longer happy with the current one). This time, no tears (well, my eyes may have welled up at one point, but just a little).

So, yeah, a new job for KAT! Whoo! I’m going to be working for a company that provides news to radio and television stations around the country. I don’t know how much I’ll actually be on the air, but believe-you-me I’ll be letting you know if there’s a chance to hear me sometime. Look at me, a real journalist! (oh wait, I’ve been a journalist for years. Well, it’s still exciting…)

So I’m sorry for being so shady about revealing the news (I do realize this isn’t earth-shattering since SJ made the announcement for me a couple of weeks ago—that’s how I roll, letting the PR gal send out advance publicity for me!)

So, yeah, now the countdown begins…


sj said...


Contact: SJ

KAT Appointed Journalist of the World
Seasoned veteran moves from print to broadcast

CT -- Funnygal KAT has announced that she will be changing jobs and industries.

The experienced funnywoman will move from print media to the broadcast realm and will be responsible for creating news in addition to reading it.

This does mean that KAT may have to do some zany antics at the LOB from time to time, but she says she's ready for the challenge.

"I've been looking forward to this new opportunity and I believe my years of experience (see archives) filled with various shenanigans have prepared me for this new venture," KAT said at a press conference Thursday held over the blogosphere.

There likely will be a celebratory event of some kind to mark the occassion, and further details will be provided by her agency of record, SJ PR.

FunnyGal KAT said...

That is *too* funny! Nice to know I have the power of the SJ PR Agency behind me. I think I will leave all future publicity in SJ's hands. Future press releases are likely to deal with (in no particular order): pregnancy, a fenced-in backyard, a new car, the arrival of my niece or nephew and drunken shenanigans (I think you must have that press release on file by now, SJ...)

I am definitely looking forward to the "celebratory event of some kind." Bring it on!

DarlingDes said...

Congrats! In addition to a celbratory event I think you also need to have a celbratory shopping splurge. Nothing says "I have a new job" better than a great new outfit, complete with new matching shoes!

sj said...

darlingdes, you are so speaking our language.

did someone say "shoes?"

Anonymous said...

I shall raise a chocolate martini to you if I ever feel any better - I must be sick because martinis do not appeal to me right now, which of course tells me there is something terribly wrong.

Now that you are a Real Journalist, shall we call you RJ, so it will be RJ and SJ's blog and RJ is married to the PH, and so on? You could be the journalist formerly known as KAT.