Monday, April 21, 2008

attention criminal element: stop invading other people's houses.

so saturday was fun, although not as i had originally planned. i was supposed to be in nyc, but to varying circumstances including a nasty sinus headache, i didn't go.

i did recover enough by saturday night to have dinner (due to last minute plans with the PH and KAT -- which is funny, because as KAT pointed out, we can take an entire week and 25 emails to plan a dinner night, or we can just call each other 25 minutes before 6 on a saturday).

unfortunately, however, i wasn't completely recovered. i spent most of saturday night, into the morning, in my bathroom. the good news, that i don't mind sharing with all of you, is that the time i've spent doing pilates has clearly paid off. because all of the vomiting that i did barely made an impact on my abs.

so sunday morning, j got up, took the dog out while i laid in bed, trying to sleep. around 6:45, he took bales and loaded the car. he left at 7. minutes later, i was awoken by sirens. from all directions. i was vaguely awake, but not really. (see previous paragraph about vomiting for several hours.)

an hour or so later, i was awakened by the sound of a very loud helicopter that seemed to be landing in my front yard.

it was actually lifestar landing in the school yard across the road from us.

it seems that a few blocks away (not much at all) a friend of my parents' was out getting his paper when he saw his screened in porch was damaged. when he checked it out, it seems that a man was sitting in his sun room with a gun. thankfully, the man fled, but was cornered by police and proceeded to shoot himself in someone's front yard.

they found on him a handgun and a machete.


to clarify, i live in a very quiet neighborhood, with lots of little streets and very quiet and very residential. far away (enough) from the scarier places in town where you'd not *too* shocked to hear of such a burglary.

this seemingly new trend of people invading other peoples' homes is terrifying to me. you're not even safe in your own home, it seems, and granted, i was never safe in my own home, as i'm most likely to break things.

i'm glad - at this moment - we don't have a particularly large and seemingly expensive home that may be inviting to criminals, and even more glad that i live on a busy enough street where if someone were to try to break in to our home, it'd be harder to do without witnesses.

but it's ridiculous that i have to think like that. and still ridiculous that i'm now considering putting our knife block hidden away somewhere so that if someone does break into our home, they don't have ready access to weaponry.


Kathy said...

SCARY!! It's things like that that make you want to curl up in your bed and never come out. I'm so glad that man was ok...and kind of glad the other guy killed himself.


sj said...

kathy- exactly!!

apparently the dude isn't dead, though. which. i mean. if you shoot yourself in the head, how much does it suck to survive? you obviously meant to kill yourself. and if you do survive, your chances of having a normal life are done. right?

Anonymous said...

That's really scary, and horrible that someone tried to kill themselves like that. I don't feel safe in my house, but that's because I think people have already tried to break in so I am just nervous now. And I don't have a dog, only a Ned!

Srg said...

Wow! That is beyond scary! What on earth has become of our little home town that was at one time bare ever in the news?!