Monday, March 03, 2008

To quote a country song, "Guys do it all the time"

I have had a habit of checking out the hands of both men and women, looking for a wedding ring. (I think I developed the habit when I worked as a police reporter and frequently got hit on by married cops). But I've been told this is a "girl thing." I remember having this conversation with SJ's husband, J, and the Pretend Husband during a Setback game one night. They assured us that they had never looked at someone's hands to see if they were wearing a ring. And they were pretty adamant about the fact that they won't in the future. In fact, I asked the PH about this the other day and he again said he would never think to do it.

While our focus group of J and the PH has been good for getting the male perspective on a bunch of subjects, I don't think the results were so accurate this time around. My proof:

- Last year, I was talking to a guy I had met for the first time when he asked when I was getting married. I was a little confused how he would know that I was, but he cleared it up by saying, "That rock is hard to miss." Exhibit A of men who look for rings.

- Today, I was working on my laptop when a cop I knew from a previous job approached and said, "Hey, didn't you used to work at X Paper?" We chatted and then he said, "But you weren't married when you were working there." The dude had checked my hand behind the laptop screen. Exhibit B.

And now I don't feel so bad that I do it too.


Anonymous said...

Guys always check! Your husbands are just trying not to get into trouble because you would say "why would you look at a girl's hand to see if she was married?" and then they think they have done something wrong! In fact, I believe more married men get hit on when they are wearing a ring.

Srg said...

It must be subconscious for me, because I never remember doing it until later, but I quite frequently look for rings on both men and women just out of plain curiosity. My husband on the other hand never notices rings! This has been proven to me by the number of times I have asked him, "Did you see the size of the rock on her hand?" and his reply of "Nope - I never notice those things!"