Friday, March 07, 2008

He may as well give up now...

Lately, I have been a world-class bee-yotch. I admit it. And there's nothing I can really do to stop it. I think it's PMS. And, while I'm not proud of it, sometimes you just have to wallow in the bee-yotch-y-ness a bit, you know? (And sometimes you have to make up words like bee-yotch-y-ness).

The Pretend Husband can do NOTHING right these days. He commented that he doesn't like how I do the dishes and I didn't talk to him the entire time I washed and he dried. When he took the towel off the hook, the hook fell into the sink like it does every time he picks up a towel and never does when I pick up the towel, so of course it's the PH with the problem, not the way the hook is hung.

This morning, I had to get up a half-hour before the alarm went off to take the dogs out (the PH had to shave and shower and, you know, get to work to keep us in the lifestyle we enjoy). That led to a quiet morning and barely a goodbye to the PH. (I'm not even sure why, except I was very grumpy that I didn't get that extra 30 minutes of sleep and that I had to wake up to Casey whining).

I've already written the PH an email apologizing for my crankiness, but that's no guarantee it won't rear it's ugly head again tonight. I'm going to blame it on the fact that I gave up chocolate for Lent. I think the PH is praying for Easter to get here as fast as possible so he can have his wife back.


Lisa said...

It sucks to be in that kind of mood. Definitely not fun. But... You are so lucky.

Last night I asked my husband if he could at least put his plate in the sink after dinner. (He comes home from work, sits on the couch and pretty much does nothing but watch tv and play Party Poker or write e-mails. Is that really too much to ask?) He got all pissy and froze me out the rest of the night. Then this morning I heard what a horrible person I am for asking him to put his plate in the sink. I do literally everything else in our household and with our son.

IF I'm tired or down, he says, "what's your problem. Stop being such a bitch. Get over it." Even while I was pregnant. He always said "hormones are no excuse." (This would be why we only have one child. heehee.)

I guess what I'm trying to say is it sounds like you've got a great guy who really loves you. ANd even if you aren't in a good mood, he still respects you enough that he'll let you be you. I envy you that.

KAT's little sis said...

Psst PH, slip her some chocolate while she's sleeping. Shouldn't be that hard since she always sleeps with her mouth open. And it will be all better in the morning.....:)

Anonymous said...

You are a mad, mad girl for giving up chocolate for Lent. Next time, pick something easier like deep fried pickles or something gross like that! Unless you love deep fried pickles as much as chocolate and then I will just think you very odd and strange.