Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lock up those picnic baskets!

I’m going to be an ant. An ant, people! I can imagine a life of invading people’s picnics, stealing food out of their baskets, avoiding being burned by magnifying glasses.

Oh wait, I’m going to be an aunt! As in, enjoy the cuteness of my sister’s baby and be able to give it back when it cries. And buy tons of cute outfits without having to wrangle the little one into them. And get my baby fix without having to commit to anything.

SJ wasn’t kidding when she said everyone’s pregnant. My cousin and SJ’s sister recently gave birth (those are two different people by the way… SJ and I aren’t related). A friend of mine gave birth last month. Two of our friends and another one of my cousins are due in the next few months. And I recently found out KAT’s lil sis and Mrs. Matt are both expecting in September!

We’ve been joking that there must have been something in the water at our wedding. In fact, when Mrs. Matt announced that she’s expecting, I called SJ and demanded, “What’d you drink at our wedding?”
“Um, wine.”

“Phew! OK, you’re not pregnant.” (which, not surprisingly, was not news to SJ)

It’s been kind of fun to get firsthand accounts from people about this whole pregnancy thing. I’m getting really good at baby shower gifts. And, at this rate, all these kids will be able to babysit for us by the time SJ and I start popping them out.


sj said...

i just RSVP'd to my third baby shower in the past month. for the record, however, i need to mention that the baby shower i'm going to next is not on the list that KAT mentioned -- so let's add another one to that list.

this is my husband's brother-in-law's brother. which sounds more complicated than it is. actually, because this is a freakishly small world, SRG's husband works with the momma-to-be.

anyway- my husband called to tell me that i don't have to drive his mom to the shower, which i at first poo-pooed -- "honey, i can do it, i'm closer..." and then i thought about the 25 minute car ride each way and the conversation that would no doubt center around me and j having a baby.

i haven't figured out how to explain the whole "one ovary doesn't seem to work" thing to her in a way that doesn't sound too personal.

i guess i could just give her the link to where i mentioned it to the entire world wide web....

Srg said...

SJ - One ovary doesn't seem to work? How did I miss that post? Well you can have both of mine if you want! J and I got PG the first month we tried so mine are super-fast! LOL And you can add my friend from work to the baby list - she had twins! Have fun at K's shower!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your 'ant-to-bee' status...*grin* sorry- I could not resisit... I am giddy from no sleep. (3 yr olds do that to you...)

Anonymous said...

Um SJ, I only have one ovary and have had for 10 years now. Ned is 4 this year! Do the math sister!

Congrats to Kat's Little Sis, babies are fun, fun, fun, especially when you can hand them back. Actually, I have only ever really liked my own kid, so it isn't so much fun for me, but people tell me it is.

And I would say Aunt rhymes with Can't, but you foreigners say Can't like you say Ant, so there is no hope for you.