Friday, February 15, 2008

How to ruin your wife’s Valentine Day (in 2 easy steps!)

1. While working on a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner together, ask her a question while her head is in the clouds and she’s doing three things at once. When she doesn’t respond, ask it again. When she says, “What?” because she didn’t understand the question (it referenced a conversation from five minutes before), yell at her for ignoring you. (Not that this happened to me… it was, uh, a friend…)

2. Have a good Valentine’s Day, but follow it up the next day by referring to the wrong person as your wife. Here’s the text message I got this morning from SJ, who took off work to accompany her husband to the hospital for his “oscopy.”

SJ: “So I’m at the hospital with J. Should I be pissed that he accidentally referred to his friend at work as his wife?”

KAT: “It depends. Was it before or after they doped him up? :)”


KAT: “Ouch. I will testify for you in the divorce proceedings. No word what the PH will do but I’ll work on him. Maybe it was just nerves?”

SJ: “Better be. He said, ‘My wife’s uh… I mean my buddy’s husband…’”

KAT: “Terrible. But funny. Can I put the story on the blog?”

SJ: “Of course.”


Lisa said...

You know you spent too much time at work when... You start to refer to your coworkers as your spouse. heehee.

A few years of marriage will cure that kind of slip up. :-)

Srg said...

A good whack on the head wouldn't be a bad idea either.

And what guy refers to a female coworker as their "buddy"?

Unless he's referring to a guy co-worker, in which case he could have a husband and the co-worker guy is in the role of the wife?

Or could have meant to say something like "My wife's friend", but then remembered that it was really someone at work and the words kind of all got lumped together?