Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"why thank you... i love my shoes too"

it's true that i have a rather unnatural obsession for footwear (although, i should mention that it is NOT a footwear fetish, not unlike something KAT has gone through -- and now we're coming up when people search on foot fetish... nice...).

i do love shoes. i'm no carrie bradshaw or anything, but i do love a great cute pair of shoes. i cringe at practical loafers and wouldn't be caught dead in things i would have worn 8 years ago or so. this love of shoes, however, sadly, has not been easy because i have not yet learned to walk in heels. although i have them, and make many attempts to wear them. so far, the best i can do is 2 inches.

which brings me to my most recent footwear mishap. today i'm wearing happy little purple ballet flats (that i bought for $7 when i was shopping with KAT), but Monday, i thought i'd get all crazy and wear my lovely bill blass pointy toe black pumps. i don't know what made me think I could wear them without incident for 10 hours.

somewhere in the mid afternoon, i was standing there, speaking with a colleague when my boss walked by. he paused to join us when suddenly, my brain told my leg to move without telling my feet. and there i was. suddenly lop-sided. a rather common phenomenon in SJ world that's commonly referred to "I fell off of my shoes." he looked at me, first with concern, then with parental supervision.

"are you okay?"
"did you just fall..?"
"... off of my shoes, yes."
"are you okay?"
"every once in a while, i get a little afraid of heights."


FunnyGal KAT said...

So I'm NOT the only one who falls at work! Of course, we're still not as bad as my coworker who stepped into the next office to fart loud enough for four of us to hear it... or that same coworker who walked into my office, picked up the bag of chips I had brought in my lunch and told me she was going to eat the rest of my chips (then she did!)

Falling off your shoes? Pshaw! There are worse things you could have done (see above and every day of my life at my miserable office)

Bryan Curtis said...
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Molly said...

I think you have to have a Masters to walk in high heels. Seriously, we really do torture ourselves all for the sake of looking good. I have some beautiful shoes, high heels, open toed, but they kill like a mofo when I wear them. But you have to keep the pain on the inside! Comfortable shoes are just plain ugly and then you get labelled as "sensible", which no one wants that title.

sj said...

molly, i hear you, sister.

and extra points to you for using the expression "mofo".

Felicia said...

LOL Oh my goodness :) I try to stay below 2" :)

Srg said...

molly - it's funny you said that - cause I love wearing my heeels and I also have a masters!! they average in height from 3-4 1/2" but i love them because i'm so short and they give me that little boost in height. and yes - the key is keeping the pain (and dr scholl's gel inserts) inside!

Molly said...

I wore my very pretty and very high brown "dancer" shoes today and thought of you girls!