Monday, January 14, 2008

Whatever brings you this way, sit and stay awhile

From time to time, I will read other people’s blogs. And I love when they give a list of the searches that brought people to their blog (which usually have nothing to do with what they wrote about). Speaking of being led to blogs by search terms, I just want to say hello to all the perverts visiting today after they Googled “blow job” and were brought to my last post. Welcome!

In any case, the top 10 (most recent) search terms that led people to FunnyGals are:

10. Snow tubing injury rate (we have SJ to thank for that one, as well as for “head trauma” “accident prone” and “frequent visitors to the ER”)

9. Vomit gals (uh, thanks? I guess we do have a lot of stories about vomit, some about the dogs and some where KAT is the unfortunate star)

8. Salute cannons (Ah, the cannon story… a favorite around here)

7. Funny gals (yup, you found ‘em!)

6. Catch the clap (uh, I have no idea how that got anyone here… nor do I ever want to meet that person!)

5. Hacking cough with fever (again, thanks SJ… I think that was even the subject of one of her posts)

4. Funny gals, KAT (I’m a little concerned someone from work is onto this blog or something…)

3. Vomit gals (Yes, vomit is a theme around here. But we’re also funny! Funny gals!)

2. Two funny gals (that pretty much sums it up)

1. Funnygals (again, pretty self-explanatory)

Another cool fact about FunnyGals: we’ve gone international (yes, yes, we know Mollymoo has been British this whole time, but her computer is within the U.S. so it doesn't count). Our stats show we’ve had two visitors from Spain (but, um, one of them searched for “vomit gals” and was probably pretty disappointed when the story was about my puppy) and five were from the UK. Hola and hello!


sj said...

incidentally, it seems too that we own the expression "uteraisin."

try googling that puppy, and guess where you end up?

Molly said...

I just like to come for the inappropriate sex with teenagers talk at the table!