Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sex education at our dining room table

I haven't hung around with a 13-year-old since... um, I was about 15. I've kind of forgotten what is appropriate and what is, well, less than appropriate to talk about with that age group. And, if I had given it any thought, I probably would have figured that those young whippersnappers today probably know much more about sex and drugs and rock n' roll than I did (or, let's be honest, do right now).

So, it's only fate that made me not be the main character in this tale. The other night, we had some friends over to dinner, one of whom brought her 13-year-old sister. Who, although she could easily pass for 17, leads a bit of a sheltered life and is home-schooled by a mom with some very conservative religious convictions (which didn't stop our friend from discussing abortion in front of her, which may have led to the rest of us forgetting the girl's age, by the way).

Anyway, we all started talking about random things and one of our friends told the story about how, the first time she met her boyfriend's family, they started talking about blow jobs over the dinner table (um, they were talking while sitting at the table, not talking about giving them while sitting on the dinner table. does that make sense? never mind). In any case, there was a moment of awkward silence until the conversation moved on... until I once again said "blow job" in referring to the previous story. D'oh!

The other part of the story is that, if the 13-year-old goes home and asks her mom about anything, it's not going to be the definition of "blow job." It's definitely going to be about the story the girl's older sister let slip about how the mom (who is now part of a chastity group that thinks a person's first kiss should take place during their wedding) got knocked up at 18, married a few months later and divorced six months after that. Yeah, that's much worse.

All three couples had separate discussions that night about what is not appropriate to talk about in front of 13-year-olds (blow jobs) and what is appropriate (um, still not sure about that one... My Little Pony? Hannah Montana? What do kids that age like?!?) The conclusion in the House of KAT & the PH was that 13-year-old girls do not belong in the House of KAT & the PH. We're just not ready.


Lisa said...

Hi there. Just checking in to see what you ladies have been up to.

OH man, I totally understand what you're saying. Some 13-year-olds are far more mature or even more sophisticated than other ones. Asking them about what sort of stuff they are learning and what kinds of stuff they like to do (or read) are always good.

Molly said...

Teenagers do not belong at a dinner table with adults, it just spoils everything!

sj said...

hi lisa! thank you for checking on us - once again, KAT is holding down the fort.

molly - yes - i agree. i don't think we know anyone well enough (that has teenagers) to invite them to dinner. except of course, my boss, who frequently draws analogies between me and his 12 year old daughter. most recently, he was telling a story about her, when he interrupted himself to say "Man, you so remind me of Beth (fake name). Maybe I'll bring her in to show her what she'll be like in 20 years."

Insert jokes here about me being a cautionary tale.