Monday, January 21, 2008

music to make you move

i really love music, and that said, i really, *really* love my ipod as it can be easily played through my car stereo with a simple little cable. that said, i do still enjoy listening to CDs from time to time -- but i tend to copy them onto my ipod and create playlists with titles such as "driving to work", "driving home from work", "pilates short", "pilates long", "i hate everyone", "music to get funky", etc.

i do have a very varied collection, and often put my music on shuffle when i ride in, which means i will be listening to kanye west, and then comes tim mcgraw, followed by feist and then the barenaked ladies. it's fun! particularly when my few 80s hip hop tunes are intermingled with, say, enya.

but today, i have a new playlist with some new (well, probably not new, but new to me) artists. i have a collection of great original music by the piano players at Jellyrolls in Orlando (on the Boardwalk at Disney), but also, some very fun, happy upbeat music by the kilwein family tree-o.

i'd highly recommend it if you like music from say.. BNL or the mighty mighty bosstones (which is who they remind me of, although that could just be because of the great horns). check them out here or here. their lyrics are clever and fun and their music is great up-tempo beats that are really original.


Srg said...

Your iPod sounds a lot like my iPod (although I only have the shuffle, so playlists are impossible.) But within a given 20 minutes, you might hear everything from Sarah Brightmann to jazz, hip hop to Enya and my all time favorites - German techno!

Molly said...

I don't have an iPod, I have a child, which means you cannot have any luxuries. I feel rather left out, like the kid in the playground who has a snotty nose and no one wants to play with them.
Do you want to trade your iPod for my Ned?

sj said...

molly, you are too cute. the ipod was a recent addition to my gadget collection, so i only recently joined the cool kids on the playground.

but i wouldn't survive without my macbook (recently upgraded from my ibook, which i also loved thoroughly for years).

so yes, i would still play with you.

srg, you've hit me spot on. nothing says "my music is on shuffle" like some merle haggard followed by the cure.