Monday, January 21, 2008

curses on Mari Windsor and her crazy letter formations

i've been doing pilates religiously for two weeks now. more religiously in fact than i have been treating regular religion, in that i practice pilates daily and attend church services every other year.

i was feeling pretty confident in my ability to do fly through the basic work out and thought - hey- why not, let's just move on to the bun and thigh and then ab work outs. i can do a few more leg lifts, etc.

i was not, however, prepared to fold myself into the letter V. that is, lift my upper buddy off of the floor and my legs at the same time. to literally spell out a V. V for victory! V for Vampish long lean muscles! V for vitality!

V for viciously sore abs the next day.

today i am nursing my sore obliques and abs with lots of tea and healthy granola and fruit and lots of water to flush out the impurities. like the ones that were telling my mind "you can do it!" yesterday when i was halfway through that painful, painful DVD.

granted, i do have better posture than i did two weeks ago. and my jeans are literally falling off of me (which doesn't count when you buy them too big anyway, i realize). but still. until the day comes when i need to escape from a burning building and can only do this by... folding myself into a V? i'll continue to marvel at the contortionists in my pilates dvds.


Molly said...

I have no energy to exercise - Ned has sucked it out of me completely. However, good for you for doing something, even if it hurts right now.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Oooh, Pilates is awesome. Have you done the infamous "One Hundred" yet? You will feel the burn on that one. And it's neat to realize that something that kicked your butt two weeks ago is now below you and your new abilities.

sj said...

as mari tells me daily, "the first excercise of our work out is always the 100."

so yes, i'm *quite* familiar with the blasted 100. although honestly, i don't find it bad. i find the ungodly pick yourself all the way up with your arms pinned to your side much harder. but you're right -- i find things today much easier than the things i tried to do two weeks ago!

so maybe by.. april? i'll be able to fold myself up with ease.

Srg said...

Good for you for keeping up with that! I tried pilates once, swore I pulled something and never did it again. My elliptical has become my new best friend though. I see her almost every morning at 4:30 for a good half hour! But that's only until the weather gets nicer so I can do my 2.5 mile jog around the neighborhood instead. All those hills are great for the legs!

sj said...

oh my gosh, srg. there's nothing that i would do at 4:30 in the morning other than sleep. well. there's some stuff maybe, if i were still up from the night before.

and okay, i did go shopping the day after thanksgiving...

but still! that is SERIOUS dedication! and i don't run unless someone is chasing me. with a weapon.

Molly said...

But if someone were chasing you with a weapon, Kat would be chasing them with a machine gun, because she's got your back! And she is in incredible shape apparently!!

SRG, 4:30am? Are you mad? Seriously?