Wednesday, January 23, 2008

i am such a stereotype

i've started to recognize myself more and more at the mall, when i'm at work, on television commercials, and even within the blogosphere.

what i mean by this is: i am such a freakin' stereo type. i am a 30 year old woman who works outside the city, uses her macbook when there, and drives her volkswagen to work while listening to her ipod. i get my news online and wear plastic frame "nerdy" glasses and lots of black clothing (because it's easier to match when i wake up at ungodly hours to get to my job outside of the city).

in short, i look like the stereotypical demographic that every marketer tries to appeal to. according to my co-workers, and a few friends from high school, i'm starting to most closely resemble lisa loeb.

this became apparent to me yesterday when i updated my profile and just to see how many folks like me there are out there, i clicked on some of my music interests, and much to my surprise, saw several different versions of me looking back.

am i so cliche? sheesh i should hope not. but just in case, i'm wearing bright colors tomorrow. and contacts. and i'll leave my mac at home. and i will *not* shop at whole foods during lunch time. (but i may run there today to pick up some organic yogurt and granola.... and maybe some free-range chicken breasts.)


FunnyGal KAT said...

Well, yeah, you don't want to quit Whole Foods cold turkey! I can see some transition through several different styles over the years, but the point is that you're always rockin' some kind of style... I'm still trying to figure mine out!

And, holy crap with all the posting lately! I've had one in draft form for four days and have been trying to jump in with it, but you have something new up every time I visit. (Not complaining, though, because I remember the times I've posted five or six times in a row before you came back...)

sj said...

don't let me hold you back :)

i felt bad for not posting in, like, a month, and i know this is your busy week, so i'm trying to be a good blogger!

and btw - whole foods has the best chicken breasts ever. they're so juicy and tender. must be from letting those cluckers roam around free before chopping their heads off and plucking them.

zendona said...

Lisa loeb is hot! Don't go changin' to try and please me....

sj said...

Ray, that's just funny.

And - also- i feel i should mention... i *always* change the color of my hair.

Srg said...

sj - you've been lisa loeb for years in my mind! and if you're getting stereotypical, feel free to analyze my life at the same time. A woman, working full time, mom to a 4 year old boy, driving an SUV w/the child seat in the back...i even have a little soccer ball key chain in said SUV. So that's it - I've officially become a soccer mom!