Thursday, January 24, 2008

This may only be funny to me because I'm a grammar dork

Setting: a going-away party for a coworker who is moving to another state with his girlfriend of three months and the gf’s kid. The gf had the kid with a drug addict then spent another couple years living with a different heroin addict. Now, she doesn’t work and is supported by the boyfriend of three months. Nice!

Anyway, she’s not the sharpest crayon in the box, as the Pretend Husband would say. The quote o’ the night was during a conversation about tattoos (she has a bunch of them).

“I don’t regret getting any of my tattoos, but there’s one I wish I didn’t get.”

I think I’ll send them a thesaurus as a housewarming gift.


sj said...

you so know how to appeal to my inner (and outer) nerd!

i love malapropisms!

this ranks up there with the Andy's Mountains.

Molly said...

She sounds like a lovely girl...hehehe! Do you think he will be back for his job in three months when the penny finally drops?

sj said...

fyi - i've retold this story a few times now. and i've also turned it into an on-going favorite line.

so far, I've used "i won't repeat that joke, but i will tell it again" and other such versions.

Meritt said...

ROTFL... it was my first time stopping by your blog but I have to say I enjoyed the post. LOL.

I wonder what part of 'regret' she doesn't get?

Retro Girl said...

LOL. This type of stuff makes me laugh and just kills me. Do people not hear themselves?

My other Fave/Peeve:
I also love when people are "Mr. Obvious" and state the painfully obvious as if they've had a sudden Epiphany...


sj said...

ooh... retrogirl - i'm so with you! i work with one of those... a few of those, actually. being in meetings with them is so darned painful.

welcome, meritt! we do hope you venture back. sadly, we both often encounter general sillyness in our day to day lives (perhaps that's a good thing... it keeps the blog entertaining!)

zendona said...

I'm not sure you mean she "literally" said that, or if you mean she really did say that.

You're going to love this. My word verification is:


Now that's funny!!

sj said...

that *is* damned funny. except let me just clarify by adding that i DO NOT have vd....