Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who would think a sweater could make me this frustrated?

I mentioned to the Pretend Husband that I bought his sister a beautiful cashmere sweater for Christmas. Not only that, but it's normally $88 and I got it for $30. I don't know the Pretend-Sister-in-Law's taste very well, but I quizzed my coworkers and the consensus was that a cashmere sweater is something you might not buy for yourself and are sure to enjoy.

So I told the PH about the sweater and mentioned I was thinking about going back to the store to get one for myself.
"Well, can it count toward the gifts I'm getting you?" he asked.
"Ok, sure," I replied, thinking he's probably having trouble coming up with present ideas.
"When you get it, could you just wrap it and put it under the tree?"
*I think that's about the time my phone accidentally hung up on him*

So, this sweater... the PH and his sister decided to do some Christmas shopping last night, so I showed him the sweater I got her and asked him to get me one while he was at the store. When I got home later, his comment was, "The sweater's yours." Apparently, while his sister was helping him pick out a sweater for me, she mentioned how much she didn't like it. And the color? The beautiful periwinkle blue I picked out because I thought it was nice... and so much better than the bland black or grey? She thought it was "an old lady color."

Well, this old lady's wearing a pretty nice sweater at work today and has gotten plenty of compliments. Oh, and in future years? The PH can do all the shopping for his family. I give up.

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