Friday, December 21, 2007

Don’t look now, but there’s a dog following me

One of the nice things about having two dogs is there’s two of them! Who love me! And want to be with me! And won’t let me out of their sight! Ever!

Granted, they spend a good amount of time wrestling with each other and playing tug-of-war with toys and trying to scratch each other’s eyes out, but really only when I’m in the room. Look, Mom! Watch me hang off Molly’s ear while she tries to get away!

The rest of the time, they lavish me with attention… running between my feet anytime I try to walk anywhere, following me the three steps from the sink to the cabinet, whining at the bottom of the stairs when I run up for something.

I’m working from home today and, while I admittedly have a couple of pounds to lose, my lap is not so big that I can manage an 18-pound Pekepoo, a 6-pound Cockapoo and my laptop at the same time. There’s also been some shoving to see who gets to nap closest to me and two dogs who are instantly awake the moment my feet hit the floor.

Anytime I’ve left the couch (you know, for my “lunch break” or “Christmas present wrapping break” or “knocking off early because I deserve it”) I’ve had an entourage. I just washed the dishes with that feeling of eyes on the back of my neck. I’ve also accidentally closed Molly inside the bathroom twice because I walked out and closed the door, not realizing she had snuck in behind me. And I’ve closed Casey inside the pantry, but that was because I had ordered her to come out repeatedly and needed to teach her a lesson about not listening to Mommy (tough love, people!)

It’s nice to be so loved. But, seriously, I wouldn’t mind going to the bathroom without an audience. Or, you know, walking from one room to another without kicking Casey in the head four times. Is it weird to hope my dogs love me a little less in the future?


Molly said...

At least your audience can't talk to you while you are in the bathroom - "mom, what you doing?" "mom, are you pooping?", "mom, mom, mom....." - you get the idea?!

Mind you, the intense staring that dogs do can be equally off putting, so good luck with that one!

sj said...

ha!!! molly- i have to say, i must be ready for kids, because that's something i hear now, from my husband. who clearly doesn't see me enough during the week and wishes for me to leave the door open when i go to the bathroom so he can talk to me.

eww!! we haven't been married nearly long enough for such insanity, i say.