Wednesday, November 07, 2007

T minus two days...

Wow, is there a lot going on in my life right now. If I were to try to express what's going through my head these days, it would be typed a million miles a minute and look something like this: flkjfgoijdgoisdfpifukjdbqwawudsyyfawdk;d'lkcvbpocvubixbfliadasdz!!!!!

It's a big, gooshy pile of nonsense with an occasional exclamation of "Oh! Bring a check for the organist!" and "Did I give her directions?" and "Don't forget to wrap the gift for the Pretend In-Laws." There are Post-It note reminders everywhere.

But I'm calm. Really. (Although I did just type "But I'm clam." by accident). There's really nothing that can get to me at this point (other than a major tragedy or the groom not showing, but, why bring those up? Because that won't happen.) Seriously... I heard it might snow on Friday (that would be beautiful and gorgeous and tempt me to have photos done of me making snow angels, although SJ has forbid me to lay down in the snow in my dress-- go figure!).

A couple of relatives had to back out of making the trip-- and while I wish they could be there, I understand that things come up. I mean, I'll be bummed if no one shows and I have to eat the whole buffet myself, but hey, it means more ice cream for me!

So, no worries...
The DJ forgets all her music? We get an iPod.
I trip going down the aisle? I get up, laugh and hope BAC caught it on film.
I forget the vows? I'll make them up as I go along ("I, KAT, take you, Pretend Husband, to be my real husband, to take care of me, to do the dishes and to make sure I get to go on a lot of great trips. Oh, and I love you. The End. I mean, Amen.")

Seriously, I'm excited. But not nervous (and may punch the next person who asks if I'm nervous because I've been asked about 72 times in the last four days and it's just not going to happen).

And definitely looking forward to a kick-ass party. And a week on the beach. And never having to tie another ribbon on another program as long as I live.


sj said...

it's lovely that you're so laid back about this. i remember someone - the ph, i think, making a comment about you being more upset about something appearing too traditional than about something going wrong. i'm certain all of your hard work will pay off in the end.

i'm sure it'll be an absolutely lovely event and one that we're all so looking forward to! i'm planning to bring a miniature notebook so i can write down all of the funny comments that are sure to come out of your mouth.

Molly said...

I wish I was there to see you trip, I mean get married! And won't it be SJ who trips - isn't she the accident prone one or is it only because she drinks?!!!

Have a fantastic day, I sent the card to SJ but I don't know if it will get there in time, so enjoy your honeymoon and live happily ever after!

S said...

I'm sure your day will go off without a hitch (well except for you and the PH getting hitched!) I wish I could see it in person too. Looking forward to all the stories, comments, pictures, etc!

And have fun on the beach!

Anonymous said...

all will be fine-- or was fine-since i am writing this after the wedding. I am looking forward to SJs overview!
Congrats KAT and PH

Lisa said...

Am thinking of you.

And its really wierd but things just seem to fall into place on the big day. And I think yours will go beautifully.