Monday, November 12, 2007

The Love Story of KAT and the PH: Part One- The day before

There's isn't a fairy tale. It's a real, honest to goodness love story.

You've heard a lot about these two over the past two years. It's true that when you first started hearing about the PH, he was indeed not even a pretend boyfriend. He was just a friend. He was in fact, my husband's best friend since 7th grade. KAT met him about the same time she met me -- which, believe it or not, was just about five years ago, when we both worked as reporters together. It was perhaps a week into our fledgling friendship that they met at Murphy and Scarletti's.

And so it blossomed from mere acquaintances into a great friendship all around. The four of us became an inseparable foursome -- usually playing cards, but sometimes going to movies, going to dinner -- but mostly playing setback.
J and I tried not to force the issue. We wanted them to be together, but if they didn't see it, then we couldn't force it.

Thank goodness they came to their senses. The transition from friends to couple seemed, to us, to be so natural that it had to be the right match for both of them. There was never any doubt to me that they would end up together. It's been so fun for me to watch the progression over the years, and it's nearly impossible to recall a time that they weren't a couple.

And how lucky are we that my best friend married his best friend?

So that brings us to Thursday. I took the day off so that I could finish a project during the last few minutes in the morning (a quilt I made for KAT that has its own story...), and then met up with KAT at her house (which I still don't know the street number for). She made piles while I packed the car. I was starting to see the frazzled edges under her very cool exterior.

We packed a car, and then made a last minute to run to AC Moore to get some ribbon to finish off the programs. While standing in line, it occurred to us that there was a chance of snow on Friday. So natch, we grabbed some black gloves (for $1, we grabbed 6 pairs). I suppose it was the blue lace garter that KAT was wearing over her jeans that grabbed the clerk's attention:
"So do I want to know?" she asked, gesturing to the garter.
"I'm getting married tomorrow," KAT responded.
"Oh, right..." she said, hesitantly, looking at the pile of black gloves I had thrown down on the pile.
"And these...?" she asked.
"They're for the bridesmaids," both KAT and I responded, with a notable "DUH" tone to our voices.
"Right..." she said, hesitantly. I was a little surprised that she responded with "congratulations" as we left, to be honest, as it would appear that she was just baffled by us.

After AC Moore, we made it to the hotel, where we would be spending the next 24 hours prepping for the wedding. Just in time, Mrs. Matt showed up and the three of us packed a bell cart and unloaded into the room. We sat, relaxed, tying programs and planned the remaining details. Like for instance, KAT decided that yes, she did want a bouquet after all, and surely we can make it with some price chopper roses?

It was a combination of factors that caused us to make some calls and reserve two dozen red roses at a nearby florist. And it was a miracle that KAT did not cause me bodily harm when she paid the $116 the florist charged her (although, for the record, I offered to buy the flowers, and also, i think it's safe to say, if you're paying less than $200 for your wedding flowers, you're doing pretty good).

Next up, the rehearsal. KAT was running through the plans, correcting the priest from time to time about her plans. In fact, the rehearsal can be summed up best by the quote:

"I got this, Father." This is what she told him as he tried to line everyone up in order. I think it's safe to say she was "in control."

The rehearsal dinner -- a great homemade feast prepared by KAT's family (local and extended) -- was a great time, and included a moving speech and shout out to our blog, by "little sis."

Around 9:45, Mrs. Matt and Mrs. Cheech and I were plotting how to remove her from her parental home to make sure she had plenty of time to rest up before the big day. Eventually, we stole her back with some help from Aunt J and made it back to the hotel. It really just took one chocolate martini and a half piece of cheesecake each to call it a night.

Somehow, for not the first time, KAT found ourselves curling up under the covers together. But this time, we both had pants on, and neither of us were wasted (which may also be another story for another time...). I have to say, I barely slept. I had so many thoughts about the past five years, and tried so hard not to think too hard (else I should cry). We all stayed awake until around 1 am. whispering and talking about all that would happen the next day....

So this is it for the day before. Next up, hopefully with photos, is my account of the wedding. Which did indeed happen, and includes stories about a) making the bouquet in the hair salon b) KAT calling me out in front of a florist c) hair and makeup stories d) despite her best efforts, look alike bridesmaids e) "how on earth do you put these things on?"and f) "i do."

oh- and g) a dance off.


KAT's little sis said...

SJ, you did a great recap of the events leading up to KAT's big day. My favorite part was during the rehearsal when the priest inquired about how KAT and the PH wanted to be addressed during the ceremony. "Do you want to be referred to as KAT and PH or PHopher (his formal name) and KAT?" There was a long pause, after which KAT said, straight-faced, "Either way, Father, I'm KAT." Good going, KAT, way to be sarcastic with the freakin' priest! :)

FunnyGal KAT said...

I can't wait to read Part 2! (It even holds mysteries for me such as "How do I put these things on?" and the dance off that I somehow missed... although memories are starting to come through the bridal haze (just the adrenaline and not alcohol since this bride had hardly more than half a glass of wine!)

The night before was a blast and I would have had it no other way-- a night of chocolate, alcohol and three of my best friends in the world? Only marrying my best friend the next day could top that!

I'm commenting from Aruba... from the hotel business center while the PH is at the casino. So no posts from me (c'mon, I'm on my honeymoon!) Oh, and the comment page is in Dutch so it's going to be a toss-up whether I can do everything correctly to get this posted.

Thanks, SJ! Keep up the good stories!

Srg said...

Commenting from Aruba?? Get out of that business center and go get on that beach!!

Sounds like you guys had a blast the night before. Can't wait to read the next installment!