Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ah wedded bliss.

it's true, KAT. you will make a fine wife. if you didn't already have your heart set on marrying the PH (and if i weren't already married... and if there was a same-sex marraige law), i'd want you for myself.

seriously? you make his lunch?!! i got home yesterday from work at 8:30 and did the dishes before making myself a welsh rarebit for supper (which was fantastic). then i went upstairs where my husband (who's on vacation) grunted a greeting to me.

in his defense, he wasn't feeling well. but he's on VACATION. and surely that beats my 13 hour day.

in celebration of KAT, and in order to do last minute errands (like find some shoes -- yes, yes, i have plenty, but not exactly the right ones for KAT's wedding. not that i need an excuse to shoe shop, but if i have an excuse, i take it. i'm actually hoping to find some silver ones and then sharpee them black -- shave my legs before i have the ability to braid them, and then help KAT as much as i can from thursday at noon until like... friday at midnight...yay!!), I've taken Thursday and Friday off. KAT, you'll have a staff of lady's maids at your bidding. what do you plan to do with us?

i do also have to find a suitable hair style that the hairdress may be able to do that can cover my firecracker red roots and make my dark, dark brown hair look elegantly not in desperate need of a trim. which it is. but i was distracted this weekend by a very funny story that i cannot share until after Friday. and really, the way i look at it is my roots match KAT's skirt and then the rest of my hair matches my dress.

isn't that the height of fashion?


S said...

What's wrong with making his lunch? I still make J's lunch (even after 7 yrs of marriage!) although I also am responsible for B's lunch so it's just easier if I take care of all of it at the same time.

And KAT - just wanted to wish you a very happy wedding day! The next few days will be busy indeed, but I'm sure everything will turn out just perfect.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Let's see... I have plenty ideas about what I can make you gals do for me... but none of them have anything to do with the wedding! ("First, cluck like a chicken...")

How do you not have a suitable pair of shoes for my wedding?!? Let me rephrase that... How do you, the queen of shoes, the owner of AT LEAST 40 pairs of shoes, you who own a good 10 pairs of black shoes, not have a suitable pair of shoes for my wedding?!?

The only directive I have is to wear shoes. They can be black, silver, plaid, pink or flip-flopped. So how do you have to go shopping?

sj said...

so KAT and i just had a conversation that went something like: "don't you know me *at all*?

if i have a good reason to go shoe shopping, i'm going to take that opportunity!"

and then it went on to discuss the feasibility of doing snow angels should it flurry, why she can't wear a blue wrap (which would make her resemble betsy ross) with her wedding ensemble, and the advantages of back to back make your own sundae bars.

and the short answer is that i do have shoes i could wear, but i want special shoes because it's your super special day. my shoes will in fact honor you.

although that doesn't rule out that i won't sharpee a silver pair.