Tuesday, October 16, 2007

You know it was a good party when you're still recovering on Tuesday!

I have a feeling SJ and I have each been waiting for the other to post about our one crazy mo-fo weekend, although it was crazy for her in the sense that she had to organize, set up, decorate, run and clean up a Jack & Jill for the Pretend Husband and I, while it was crazy for me because I drank an entire beer* poured down the ice luge into my waiting mouth. Whoo-hoo! (I don't even drink beer, so that was quite the accomplishment for me!)

* By entire beer, I might actually mean "a portion of a can of beer before I tagged the PH in to finish it. But, still, as someone who has never had more than a sip of beer at a time, I was impressed by the effort.

SJ and her hubby and the rest of our wedding party pulled off a very kick-ass Jack & Jill with a hoedown theme, horseshoes, the aforementioned ice luge with yummy vodka and tequila shots, some very cool raffle prizes and delicious desserts that are still tempting me from the fridge. It was a great day and, best of all, it replaced the traditional bridal shower with games, food and, most scary to me, everyone staring at the bride-to-be as she opens gifts and expresses her surprise/gratitude. Uh yeah, I'll take an ice luge over that anyday!

Another reason it was a very cool party was the presence of s (of Two Black Cats fame) and her very cute cowboy son, as well as frequent commenter Anonymous and her husband (whose marriage advice to me was, "May all your ups and downs be between the sheets"... I'm thinking of incorporating that into the marriage ceremony in some way-- do you think the priest would mind?) We also had lots of family and friends who contributed in many different ways. One of my favorite moments was hanging out at the luge and turning around to see three of the PH's aunts in line with dollar bills in their hand, waiting for their turn to suck down a shot. I can't wait to marry into that family!

Of course, having everyone talk about our upcoming wedding made me realize just how many little details I have to get done in the next month. Although, as I said at the Jack & Jill, so a couple of tables at the reception are missing centerpieces! I promised that any tables without them would get a bowl of M&Ms instead... and not only did I not get any complaints, but I had friends volunteering to sit at those tables.


Curtis Sports Imaging said...

YeeHaw...Mrs. BAC and I had a good time. I think my torch run cleared the party out. Hey I couldn't help it, my excitement was overwelming from my monster win in the raffle...we walked out of there with a case of good beer and a portable DVD player for the lil' fella.

Well, after what seemed like 39 beers consumed that night (that was the latest I have stayed up in like 2 months), the beer I won is still untouched and chilling in the fridge. That may change tonight after the day I had.

SJ and the others did a great job with the Jack & Jill. The fried chicken was bangin!

sj said...

i hate firefox.

there, i said it. i've been trying to type a comment or post for like 16 hours now. and it forbids me.

mozilla bastards.

i'm glad everyone had fun though -- i think i may be repeating this for the 15th time in 48 hours but i love mmp and mrs. cheech, and your little sister. if it weren't for them and their fantastic help, it would have been a whole 'nother scene!

i can also safely say that i would never do that for anyone else. :)

and thank you, favorite photog. i ordered the food from greer's on matthews' st in bristol. they were fantastic and so was their food!

Anonymous said...

SJ and the rest of the bridal party did a fantastic job.. We had a blast!! Beer, GREAT food and horseshoes.. Lots of fun!!!

Hubbys advice made the BLOG!! HOLY SH**... wait till I tell him!