Wednesday, September 26, 2007

you should have your license taken away, lady.

i was driving to work yesterday, and took the backroads, as usual when i try to take route 8 to avoid traffic.

so i pull up to a stop sign on chippens hill, fairly close to the middle school. i arrive at the same time as a white suv across from me, and a green jeep grand cherokee pulls up right behind us. as we're both going straight, both me and white suv go (he was ahead of me a little, as i stopped a little longer). as i start to go, the green jeep - who clearly SEES me going - guns it, cutting me off (she's going straight across my path) and turns to me - taking her eyes completely off the road and screams "F#$^# YOU!" - although she did turn her PHONE away, presumably so the person on the other end didn't hear her.

i was so disturbed by this - i had no time to react besides than to stare after her, completely baffled by not only her horrible driving skills, but also her manners.

i mean, she was on the PHONE! clearly not paying attention to the order at the stop sign (and incidentally, breaking our law in ct about not using a hands-free device)! and she had the nerve to swear while not looking at the road in a school zone! and she was wearing paris hilton sunglasses! and she had one of those annoying stickers that people put on the back of their car to indicate where they've vacationed! and she swore at *me*!

i so wanted to find her house and egg it. like really. i thought about what side streets she may live on and thought how easy is it to find a late model green jeep grand cherokee with "AOF" on the back of it, driven by a terribly rude person?

i figured her punishment was to live in infamy on our blog with the moniker: Horribly Rude AOF Paris Glasses Woman Who Drives Badly. i think that would be her native american indian name, in fact.


Srg said...

You were way too nice. If it were me, I would have followed her and honked behind her at every stop sign.

Molly said...

I am horrible back when people do things like that. I keep my hand on the horn for as long as I possibly can and shout rude things back. It gives me a nice calming feeling!