Monday, September 24, 2007

not enough weekend for all that wedding

so i had some weddings this weekend. two, actually. two weddings and a 2-year-old birthday party mixed in between.

i'm a little tired today, which i think has something to do with the cape codder/pinot grigio combo i was sucking down yesterday. i vaguely recall drinking a half gallon of water before bed, but i'm not entirely sure if i did that, or just dreamed it. all of it was very hazy the next day.

it started friday night were our friends had their very simple and elegant wedding. at least, that's what they called it. but when the viennese table with hand-filled cannollis and daquiris appeared, i no longer considered it simple.

and as far as shopping for a two year old goes, well, it goes something like this:
"um... we need a present for a two year old boy..."
"okay... what does he like?"
"frogs... but not noisy things..."
"let me know show these puzzles..."

my preparation for the weddings this weekend wasn't very detailed. and by that, i mean, i had gone shopping for two dresses because i figured i couldn't wear just one both times. i'm not sure, but i think during the week or so the dresses sat in my closet, they lost fabric. because sure enough, Friday afternoon, i found myself drastically exposing my chest - in fact, my coworker said to me: "wow. you look like my hooter's mouse pad." which in and of itself is an incredibly long story.

so by the time sunday came along, i had gone shopping for covering. because sure enough, the other dress required massive pinning and covering. but mostly because i was at the wedding with my family. and by that i mean, my ENTIRE family. my sisters and husbands both sat at my table (to be specific- *their* husbands, and just my one husband) and my parents were a table behind us.

we warned the people sharing our table of this little family connection before dinner started. because otherwise, you really wouldn't be able to tell. like really. not at all. we don't look *anything* alike, although if you close your eyes, you can't tell the difference between me and tg. they just would have thought: wow, they really do(n't) like each other! (i kid. we get along really well in group settings like that.)

but it was good times. i mean, granted, there was some kerfuffle caused by some.. um... well, people that drank too much and should know better but aren't in my immediate family so i feel like i can say that on my blog because what are the chances they could find it.

oh and my dad totally outdanced my husband, and j is nursing some seriously bruised dancing feet (and perhaps a minorly bruised ego). and somewhere around 7:30, i should have stopped the dancing. i had no idea that my broken rib would be re-awakened by all that bouncing. (unless i had thought about the fact that i resembled a hooters girl, in which case, i should have known better.)


FunnyGal KAT said...

You were looking pretty boobalicious at the first wedding (but in a good way). Which was a beautiful wedding, but not what I would call simple.

I made out like a bandit, though, because I was offered a bunch of stuff that I hadn't really thought about and probably need for our wedding. Yay for piggybacking your wedding on one with a way more organized bride!

Anonymous said...

I love weddings where we are all together-- and sitting together like that... is always SO much fun!
I hope we get to do that again soon... and dance the night away.
i know I drank a gallon of water- because i got up several times at night to 'pee' :-) but I did try to remember it was a sunday and NOT take TOO Much advantage of that open bar...

Srg said...

Wow - what a busy weekend. We've done the 2 weddings in a weekend thing before to, but for us they were on the same day - at opposite ends of the state. Yeah - I don't advise it!

Lisa said...

YOu sound like you're alot of fun at parties AND weddings. :-)

Molly said...

I had a wedding reception on Saturday (they ran off to Hawaii and got married the other week) and I actually thought of you the next day SJ. It probably had something to do with the hangover from hell and pain killers. Sweet how things remind me of you!

sj said...

okay wait, molly. i'm not sure i like the way that sounds... i remind you of painful hangovers?