Wednesday, August 22, 2007

You know, just because you work at a technology firm, people expect you to understand technology.

Okay. I changed the font. So you may not all like Times New Roman (or um.. some sans serif font if you're looking on a Mac, the superior machine, no doubt), but this is the best I can do under such pressure.

Also, I thought it'd be an abuse of power if I asked the guy that works for me and actually spends all day working with HTML emails, etc., so instead, I just kind of fiddled with the tags until it looked about right. And before you all start mocking my poor HTML skills, let me just say that I am a Jack of all trades, master of none.

Except, you know, like master of my domain. Actually, after j - you know? Forget it. I'm not going to go further with that statement. (Hi Mom!)

I have been checking out the blogs that KAT has mentioned which really are fantastic, although I am a bit of a lurker, I confess - and I'm starting to leave my comfort zone of Molly and Chris (Look out world!) So soon, I too will have reading recommendations.

That means - S and anonymous, get on getting your own blogs up and running, ladies, so we can link you!

And so ends your regularly scheduled monthly update from SJ. Next up: KAT, who has a much funnier life than me. Which is sad, because we spend so much time together, that you'd think I'd be having equal amounts of fun. Not so much. Except, of course as we all know, when I get together with my family.

Which reminds me, this weekend I have a family bridal shower. Hilarity will ensue. I promise. I'll be attending with anonymous and my mother. The only thing that would make this one more fun is if my gynecologist shows up. Who, incidentally, is also my sister and my mother's gynecologist.

Too much information, you say? Perhaps, but it does make me think that she would have, hands down, the world's funniest blog.


FunnyGal KAT said...

Eh, I don't think my life is funnier. Perhaps busier. The PH and I often discuss what next summer is going to be like when we don't have a wedding to plan, most of the projects around the house are done and I'm not working seven days a week. We're going to be bored!

sevnetus said...

This is good. I hope I can find this blog again. I searched blogger with Love In The Time of Cholera. There are other important things besides technology. Good Luck!

Molly said...

You know that I would have done it for you if you wanted. After all, I feel like this template is my little baby anyway!!

Anonymous said...

SJ- Anonymous here... i STILL cant read this font!!! Of course since I am only here at this PC for ONE MORE DAY... its ok!
My own blog... hmm. life after my current employer.. and all those friends here at that employer can read it at work!! Just like they do Yours!! This sounds interesting...

I look forward to the post after the shower..shall I bring my camera to catch some 'action' if it happens? Can you put .wav file on this blog.... we can always post some funny sayings after gifts are opened...