Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Rantings from a crazy bride-to-be

I was really excited to get home from work yesterday and check the mail because it was the first possible day to get an RSVP card for our wedding. And I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed because a friend had already told me hers was on the way. So, I opened the mailbox expecting to find one of those little white envelopes… and found 12! That’s 24 people who want to come to our wedding!

Here’s what ran through my mind:
* Yay! We are loved by at least 24 people! It’s going to be a fun wedding! Whoo!

* Do I even know 24 people? I guess I do.

* Oh crap! What if everyone who received an invitation wants to come? (We need 20 people to say no, due to the restrictions at the place we’re having the reception)

* I wonder if SJ will be able to come? What if she’s busy that day? The bridal party will be uneven! (Actually, it would make the bridal party even if she missed the wedding, but again uneven if she kept her hubby home with her. This is all very complicated and not very important. As long as she can make it. OK, I’m overthinking this.)

Then the Pretend Husband came home, listened as I went through the list of people who can make it, listened as I lamented that we could be screwed if at least a couple don’t start responding with “no” and then said, “Is there anyone I forgot to invite? Let me go through my phone and see if I missed anyone.”

That’s when I told him in a very calm voice that I had been working on the invite list for months and had spent many, many, MANY hours putting the invitations together by hand and had asked him multiple times if there was anyone he wanted to add to the list. Then I punched him in the head for even bringing it up. The End.


sj said...

really?! you think about who's not going to make it your wedding and *i* pop into your head?! what is WRONG with you? (this is when i like to bring up a favorite quote of KAT's and mine that goes: "KAT, i'm not going to be able to get out of work until 1 that day... guffaw.. no, i can't take the day off!"

(i did get your voicemail, but fairly late and i didn't want to wake you guys.)

after spending how many nights and weekends with you and the PH and you think we'll miss the most momentous day of your life? not a chance. besides. i so have my heart set on adult mac and cheese. and you know, watching you walk down the aisle and all that. that'll be really great, too.

i am awaiting my summons to work on centerpieces... i'm off labor day, if you want to rope me in.

j actually did tell me to send it in, but i told him i wanted to wait until after the flood. i also wanted to check off the box that said 'regretfully accepts' but he wouldn't let me.

FunnyGal KAT said...

I should probably explain that, due to a quirky sense of humor shared by the PH and I and the fact that we don't need to know people's meal choices because it's a buffet, we gave people the option of checking "happily accepts," "regretfully declines," "happily declines" and "regretfully accepts" on the RSVP cards.

We've gotten some where one person in the couple checked "happily accepts" and the other checked "regretfully accepts."

And I was kidding about thinking you would decline, SJ. It wouldn't be our wedding without the two people who played the biggest part in getting the PH and I drunk (um, I mean, together!)

Anonymous said...

KAT- You could have sent me an invie and I would have 'regretfully declined'...then you could have at least ONE.
Can I have a 'doggie' bag of that mac and cheese.. because my mouth is watering already!! it think I am making that tonight for dinner

Molly said...

I am declining because (A) I live too far away and (B) I didn't get an invite *sniffs while wiping away a tear*