Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Good Lord, we live in the ghetto!

Sunday night, after a pleasant dinner with the Pretend In-laws, the Pretend Husband and I had some options about how to spend the rest of the evening. Rent a video and cuddle on the couch while we watch it? Sprawl on the guest room bed and watch sports? Get into bed early and play Rummy?

All great options, but we chose to go with d.) Pay bills and make a late-night run to the post office and bank. Much more romantic than the other choices, for sure.

So, the PH packed Molly and I into his car and away we went for a bit o’ late-night fun. Our first stop was the grocery store, where Molly and I stayed in the car while the PH ran in to do some banking. And that’s when the fun began.

I heard a woman’s voice from a nearby car and, while she was obviously angry, I couldn’t hear what she was saying. Then I saw a skinny guy walk away from said car and when he tried to return to it, the very large woman behind the wheel drove away laughing.

The guy started yelling at her as Molly and I craned our necks to watch the action. “Don’t drive away from me! Where are you going? I’m going to beat yo’ ass. Ashley!”

The woman stopped the car and the guy got in, but they stayed where they were in the middle of the road and began yelling. Again, Molly and I (and a woman who I swear was doing drugs in her car while her sons did the grocery shopping) couldn’t hear what was going on until we heard Ashley scream, “You broke it!” and then hit the guy (the PH and I have some guesses about what “it” is– the PH says something like her video game unit, but I think it was a promise not to cheat on her). She then yelled at him to get out of the car and drove off while he walked out of the parking lot (although I suspect she picked him up because he was nowhere to be seen on our drive home).

So, it was an exciting night in our little ol’ hometown. It definitely kept Molly entertained, although I think she was a little disgusted by the whole thing. Her only comment when we asked her what she thought was, “Save yo’ drama for yo’ mama!” (because, apparently, Molly’s a little bit ghetto too).


Molly said...

Who needs a video when you can drive around your neighborhood? Oh, and Rummy? In bed? Seriously? You are about to be married aren't you??!! Unless "Rummy" is code for something that you don't really want to discuss on your blog!!

sj said...

okay wait... because we play rummy all the time.

although not in bed. we play in the dining room, on the dining room table, although sometimes in the living room.

and i'm not speaking in code. i'm talking old school pickup, discard, run of 3 - the whole 9.