Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thish ish sucsh a gooooood drink....

It’s FRIIIIIII-DAAAAAAYYYY! (Actually, it’s not. It’s Thursday. But I’m not drunk– yet. I should clarify that it’s MY Friday because I’m taking tomorrow off so, therefore, today feels like the last day of the workweek, otherwise known as Friday.)

Anyway, it’s my Friday. And, while I haven’t been drinking on Fridays lately because of that whole getting up early on Saturdays thing, I will be implementing a new rule tonight in honor of my day off. That rule is, when Thursday feels like a Friday and friends are in town, drink like you’re 23 (slightly more responsible than drinking like you’re 21, but still fun).

I have two wonderful members of our wedding party coming to visit tonight (for a sleepover). We will be joined by another wonderful wedding party member and two cool chicks for chocolate martinis, chocolate cupcakes (from Cupcakes by SJ or The Cupcakery or whatever she’s calling her business idea these days) and another chocolate dish. If those get boring, we can always pour chocolate syrup straight from the bottle into our mouths (you laugh, but I’ve done it).

I figure all this chocolate is a small price to pay for three of these ladies helping me assemble wedding centerpieces tomorrow. Man, it pays to know teachers! I’ll be back when the debauchery is done.


Molly said...

With all this chocolate, will you still fit into the dress??!! I introduced my sister to Wild Blueberry martinis the other night and she is hooked now. Martinis rock!

Lisa said...

Cupcakes and chocolate martinis and friends. That sounds so freaking perfect. How could you NOT have a good time?

Hope you guys have a blast.