Monday, August 13, 2007

Girls Gone (sort of) Wild

I survived! Four days of chocolate martinis, good friends, good food and a bit of work around the house mixed in. What a weekend (in a good way).

The fun actually began early last week when I spent hours cleaning the house from top to bottom (note to Mrs. Matt: I’m just kidding. My house is always that clean.) Vacuuming, changing sheets, scrubbing the bathrooms… The Pretend Husband commented that we should have people stay over every week if it will prompt me to clean (I may have thrown a sponge at his head for that one.)

But it was worth it because Thursday night was spent with five fabulous women and more than my share of chocolate martinis. It was almost like a marriage counseling session as we talked about all the issues of engagement and marriage– what to call your mother-in-law? (I call mine by her first name, Mrs. Cheech calls hers by a nickname and Mrs. Matt uses the “Hey, you!” approach). When are you planning to start having kids? (That’s the point where the PH and BAC took off at a full sprint for some guy bonding). Does your husband ever [fill in blank]? (“Oh yes, he does. And it’s very, very annoying. I wish he would stop!” was the general consensus.)

Fear not, our alcohol consumption was kept to levels low enough to allow us to wake up at a decent time the next morning and spend a couple of hours assembling wedding centerpieces. I am so grateful to Mrs. Cheech and Mrs. Matt for their hard work (and to Mrs. BAC for her offer to help if she hadn’t had to rush her husband to the doctor).

Having Mrs. Matt see our house for the first time– and the fact that some of the tour included, “What we’re going to do in here…”– was enough incentive for me to spend most of the rest of the afternoon peeling three layers of (ugly, ugly) wallpaper off part of the kitchen. And because yesterday wasn’t hot enough on its own, I fired up the steamer again to finish the project, leaving just one layer of wallpaper to take off the rest of the kitchen. The advantage was the free facial I gave myself and impressing Molly by making it rain from the ceiling when the steam built up and then began dripping.

Most of all, I was reminded about how good it feels to kick back with good friends, to share sweet drinks, to laugh until it hurts, to know that you’re not alone in some of the things you put up with, to have your wedding work diminished, to be able to look around the room and think, “It doesn’t get any better than this.”

To SJ, Mrs. Cheech, Mrs. Matt, Mrs. BAC and Max’s Mom… thanks! Now, when can we do it again?


Anonymous said...

FunnyGal Kat,
I had a great time Thursday night...the chocolate martini's were awesome, but not as good as the company. Sorry I couldn't make it on Friday - Mr. BAC went on the disabled list for a few days. Not only did I miss out on girl time and making centerpieces, but I had to nurse my injured husband! The good news is the doctor said he's going to live! The bad news is he told me to massage BAC's injured shoulder - what a weekend!!

When are we getting together this week??

sj said...

i too had fun, although i felt like a fuddy duddy having to leave early (stupid work). i also felt guilty for having to go to work and not helping with centerpieces. did you finish, or do you have some left over for which you may need my assistance?

but i have to say, mrs. cheech's amaretto cake the next day made a fantastic breakfast!

and what on earth happened to BAC?!

Molly said...

I am insanely jealous that there was a martini party, a chocolate martini party at that, and I was too bloody far away to join in! Herumph!!! If I move to Boston (my dream) can we try to recreate the chocolate martini night or will you be an old married frump by then?! (Just kidding, you will never be a frump, you are far too fab!)

FunnyGal KAT said...

Oh my gosh, move to Boston! I will never be too old for martini parties or girls' nights... I promise! Just a warning, if you move to Boston, you will have to get a place with a guest bedroom because SJ and I will be up there all.the.time.

SJ and Mrs. BAC, I still have about eight centerpieces to go, so you will be getting a request from me to re-enact girls night (but perhaps with a few less martinis for me!) and finish them up. BAC is a wuss who can't handle that big camera of his (he hurt his neck pretty badly... much more seriously than you would think from my ribbing).

Molly said...

I do seriously want to move to Boston, and now it became even more appealing - the thought of wild martini nights with you two!!!

sj said...

oh molly- you have no idea! the fun we could have!!!

and ned can play with baby e (my nephew) and meet baby goats-- such fun!

KAT knows boston like the back of her hand and we have been known to visit on whims. there would be lots of fun to be had. if you ever visit boston, be sure to let us know.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girls!
Last week was so much fun! I absolutely love girls nights - the friends, the chatting and of course, the chocolate - and in so many different forms - YUM!!! KAT, I am so glad that I could help with wedding preparations. I cannot wait for your big day! Keep me posted on your progress and let me know if I can help with ANYTHING!
Mrs. Matt :)