Monday, August 06, 2007

sj's fantasy world

here in sj's fantasy world, we've come up with an ulterior plan to all of that crazy boring office work we do each day.

the plan was hatched mostly on saturday when i decided that my new career path shall be in cupcakes. so an excursion to williams sonoma and the grocery store later, i was ready to go. and then kat and chris called to meet us for impromptu dinner at kat's cottage at the lake.

there wasn't time to make cupcakes.

so instead, i talked about my plans for cupcakes and how we could all four of us have our own cupcake business. i'm not sure what our roles would be exactly, but there must be something there for an attorney, a financial underwriter, a radio personality and editor and an operations manager for a marketing firm. perhaps the answer is not cupcakes, but right now, that's what i'm sticking to.

on sunday, i made three kinds of cupcakes, but i have yet to master the filling technique. i tried using a pastry bag, but that had little impact. i'm thinking i need to work with an injection gun of some sorts and perhaps a more pudding like filling. i'll fill you all in on that trial.

and now, back to work. things are breaking and need fixing. (do you think you could use frosting on a web server and it'd be okay?)


FunnyGal KAT said...

I think the conclusion was that you would have to sell A LOT of cupcakes in order to make the business profitable... or charge something like $7 a cupcake... but that might not go over well either.

Whatever business we decide to open, I definitely think there needs to be an injector gun involved!

Lisa said...

Mmmmm.... Cupcakes. I'll take 25!

S said...

Ya know - if you market those things to moms who have kids in elementary school you just might have a viable business there! You know the drill, your kid has a birthday coming up... need 35 cupcakes to be baked and frosted in one night... Sign me up! Add free delivery to the elementary school that morning and I think you'll be neck-deep in cupcake batter in no time!

Anonymous said...

SJ brought samples over... they were VERY Yummy. Little E's eyes LIT up when he saw her take the lid of that container!!
My pers fav. the bailys one