Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This post is better than nothing.

It’s the dog days of summer where half your coworkers are on vacation, the other half are doing everything they can to keep you from getting anything done and you’re cruising the Internet from blog to blog trying to find something interesting to keep you awake read.

KAT to the rescue! I don’t have too much to report, other than the continuation of the wedding plans (OK, I probably lost at least half the audience after giving that away, but I’m going to soldier on for the one person left reading rest of you). By the way, you can blame my friend Tiffany (not her real name, but you can probably ascertain what fabulously glamorous company she works for, can’t you?) for my posting without anything interesting to report. Although Tiffany and I have been terrible about keeping in touch, we finally got a chance to chat the other night and she mentioned that, although I have no idea what’s going in her life, she does check up on mine every once in awhile by reading FunnyGals. Although– ahem, Tiffany– she has yet to leave a comment to prove her readership.

Anyhoo, the wedding plans progress, with a break every once in awhile for either the Pretend Husband or I to exclaim, “Oh my god, we’re getting married!” or “It’s really going to happen!”

This was a particularly productive weekend as I raced to Massachusetts for a whirlwind visit with college friend (and wedding party member) MM and her husband MM. Then (the female) MM and I went to pick up my wedding band, which is all sparkly and shiny and very hard to take off (because it’s so beautiful, not because I have fat fingers or anything!)

Then I spent Sunday shopping with the Pretend Mother-in-Law and K, who have the best luck ever when it comes to shopping. The PMIL tried on one outfit, which ended up being absolutely perfect and that’s the one she bought to wear to the wedding…. And did I mention it cost only $30? Then K found not one, but three outfits, any of which are perfect wedding attire. Then we went shoe shopping and not only did they find perfect shoes to wear to the wedding, but I did too! (And I wasn’t even looking). I should mention that I’m not wearing a traditional wedding gown so finding matching shoes is a bit harder than finding the perfect white pair (and that’s all the hinting I’m going to do about that until after the wedding).

As though all that wasn’t productive enough, I spent my entire evening yesterday finishing gluing all the parts of the invitations together and beginning to address the envelopes (because it wouldn’t be a KAT wedding if I didn’t do all the crafty stuff myself). And I convinced MM to come visit next week to help me assemble the centerpieces in exchange for my friendship chocolate and martinis.

My goal is to get all of my tasks out of the way so the weeks (perhaps "days" is more realistic) before the wedding are relaxing and fun and meaningful. I’d much rather be able to spend time visiting with people traveling to see us, getting my nails done and thinking about marrying my sweetie than trying to assemble everything at the last minute. And being able to eat chocolate and drink martinis while getting there is just icing on the cake.


Molly said...

I fell off my chair laughing when you said you wanted to relax in the days before your wedding! I just laughed my ass off! Good luck with that! Hee hee hee!

sj said...

KAT, you are still so far ahead of the game.

may i remind you that we were putting together centerpieces for our wedding at the end of august, and our wedding was a month earlier than yours.

stressful as it is, you're really in good shape!