Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Random facts you could have lived without

Let’s see, I’ve told you about my grooming habits, how I got engaged,how it feels to have puke down the inside of my shirt… really, is there anything left to share?

Oh, but there is! And since I’m bored at work and have some random semi-posts rattling around in my head that I can’t seem to make an entire post out of, I’ve picked rightthissecond as the perfect time to share.

– I appreciated Molly’s suggestion to try dying my hair now that I’m noticing tons of grey in it. Actually, it made me giggle because I’ve actually been dying my hair since I was in the eighth grade. At first, it was because I preferred reddish highlights to my natural blond-ish ones, but now it’s serving an important purpose (making people not mistake me for SJ’s mom when we’re out together!) I really can’t blame anyone but myself for the grey because I’ve just been too lazy to cover it up.

– We visited a house under construction yesterday that belongs to friends of ours. It’s a gorgeous, huge home at which I am looking forward to plenty of parties. But I’m filing this under the “I’m officially old” category because my first thought when we walked in was, “Boy, am I glad I don’t have to clean this!”

– The Pretend Husband and I have an ongoing argument about farting in bed (I warned you about not needing to know this stuff!) He refuses to stop, so I’ve taken to launching my own attack, so to speak. But it seems kind of hypocritical so, when he gets angry, I’ve tried to argue that guys’ farts are terrible, but girls’ farts are actually unicorn kisses. This morning, I sang a whole song about unicorn kisses, but I don’t think he bought it.

– In my quest to lower my cholesterol and lose weight for the wedding, I’ve been eating tons of cereal, fruits and vegetables– foods that are all very high in fiber. Let’s just say there have been a lot of unicorns flying around blowing kisses in our house lately.

– I have so far failed in my quest to get the digits of a woman we met in the dog park (with the PH egging me on, no less). But I’m working on it. Before you get too enthralled with this, it’s because our dogs get along great. And she seems like a nice person. And perhaps she’s into threesomes too (just kidding about that one!) Anyway, it’s because our dogs get along and it would be nice to be able to call her up and see when she’ll be at the dog park because she’s also fun to talk to.

And I’m officially getting married in less than four months so why am I spending time sharing way too much information with strangers when I could be assembling invitations? Back to work, KAT!


Molly said...

Unicorn kisses? How sweet! I cannot relate as I am from England and girls there do not fart. Ever. We just smell pretty and look good!

I really did think you were up to something else when you said you wanted this girl's phone number and PH was egging you on....damn dirty mind of mine!

I have brown hair (naturally) but have it highlighted blonde (look like a goddess I do with me sunkissed locks!) as it covers up the gray very well!

Craig said...

Has either of you tried the dreaded Dutch Oven? I remember when I went veggie and started eating tofu - wow, my insides didn't like that. Neither did my wife. Rather, ex-wife. You think that had anything to do with it?...

Oh, and when you ask for Elaine's (I mean that girl's) number, sniff her butt. If she acts all weird, tell her, "You can do that kind of thing when you own a dog. I’m not a lesbian. Far from it!" :-)

Molly said...

Don't sniff her butt if she is just about to let loose a unicorn kiss though, that would be most unpleasant!