Saturday, July 07, 2007

just another friday night at my parent's house.

i had to do some work on Friday night and my internet connection has been bad since our phone lines got struck by lightening, so i decided to go down the street to visit with my mom and use their wireless connection.

at least i got work done until the kid came by.

and by kid i mean...

well not this one exactly, but one very similar. do you have any idea how loud baby goats are? let me tell you. they're freakin' loud. and where did a baby goat come from? (besides the obvious: when two goats who love each other get together...) it came from the farm down the street. because of course my dad knows a guy who has baby goats. my dad is the inspiration for all of those urban legends that start with: I know a guy who... because honestly, he really does.

so dad walks up the driveway with the goat, which he had picked up in his pickup truck ("dad, where did you put it?" dad: "on the seat next to me. it sat there."). at first, we thought my dad was dragging a child by its hair from the scream the goat was letting out. but no. it was just a baby goat a little scared to be temporarily dragged away from his sister when he was clearly winning the battle of ramming each other's heads against.. each other.

meanwhile, back at the ranch (as opposed to the farm down the street), my parents' dog is quite curious about the strange and noisy little thing. and my mom thought it'd be a good idea to let the goat run around.

do you have any idea how fast a baby goat is?

it's about as fast as it is loud.

after it jumps on a chair, a table, rams the window screen and manages to dump the 10 lb tin of dog food, my dad once again captures the goat. right around that time, when the goat is in my mother's lap, nestled against her bosom (dad: "look out, it may try to nurse.") is when anonymous walks in with baby e.

"DAD! NO." anonymous had been aware of the goat, as she had texted me earlier in the day: do u know about a goat. i hadn't. but by this time, i was equipped with a video camera.

some of the highlights included baby e offering the goat some bread... and promptly eating it himself. and then offering another bite to the goat (which by now had gained the name: "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"), and e chasing after the goat trying to grab its collar (dad learned his lesson after the first time), and not to mention the goat poops scattered all over the kitchen floor.

and this, folks, is why i have no need for cable.


Molly said...

Wow! That is all I can come up with, I am.....speechless! Yes, record this one folks, I have no words for once!

FunnyGal KAT said...
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FunnyGal KAT said...

(I had to erase my last comment for grammatical errors. Here's my second attempt)

Yeah, who needs Animal Planet on TV when you can go see the live version?

I'm beginning to see a pattern here:
SJ spends time with her family.
Hilarity ensues.

Can't wait to see what's next with that bunch!

Molly said...

Kat, I think you should invite ALL of SJ's family (goats included) to your wedding to ensure a good time is had by all. And of course, plenty of footage for America's Funniest Home Videos!

Anonymous said...

Molly- that is such a fun idea. Once I was 'helping' at a wedding at 'the farm' (local establishment that has a banquet faciltiy) well they still had goats.. they were getting rid of them- but that very FIRST wedding.. Cowboy- the goat- got loose..and I had to stop him from accessing the wedding cake as he wandered into the banquet barn..

Yes-Sj does have good posts when the family gets together...stay tuned- as little E gets older I am SURE we will have funnier things!

sj said...

i really like how you clarified, anonymous, that cowboy was the name of the goat.

as opposed to f trying to corner a 6'3 man named bill wearing a stetson and chaps.

because that'd raise questions.

S said...

Wow - and I thought your family gave up the farm thing years ago! That goat must have been darn cute though.