Thursday, July 05, 2007

A new tradition, perhaps... but next time with more beer

Ah, the Fourth of July… hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, beer, laying out in the sun, fireworks. Those good ol’ activities that make America great. All of which were missing from our celebration yesterday, by the way.

It started with the menu. Although we had planned to grill the hot dogs and hamburgers, my dad showed up with a huge turkey and some pasta. Not exactly traditional Fourth of July fare, but it was delicious nonetheless.

Then the weather canceled out any other plans we had. Just as we had all claimed chairs on the deck, pulled open the bag of chips and started snuggling in for a long day in the sun… it began to rain. We uprooted ourselves, picked seats inside the cottage and broke out the cards. Still a really fun day.

Except for the lack of beer. And I’ll blame the weather for that one too. My allergies have been acting up lately so I chose Benadryl over a brewski.

But you know what? Despite all that, I’m not complaining. So we broke tradition with some food meant for other holidays. So I traded alcohol for clear sinuses. So we had to admire the color of the playing cards rather than whatever pictures fireworks painted across the sky. It was a day off from work and I will never complain about that.


Molly said...

Um, it is over 100 degrees here, was yesterday too, I drank alcohol on the beach, ate a hamburger off the grill and didn't have to take Benadryl!!

And yes, it was a day off work, but how crappy that it was in the middle of the week and I didn't get to bed until 11:45pm (on a school night!!) and had to be at work this morning feeling tired! Holidays should not be allowed in the middle of the week and if they do happen to fall there, it should be mandatory we take the remainder of the week off! Can you get right on that please for next time?

sj said...

here, here, Molly!

and kat, who are you kidding that you would have chosen a beer when there were margaritas to be made and vodka to be mixed with things.