Monday, July 02, 2007

the dog ate my shower invitation.

well not really.

but i was kind of wishing it had for a while. or shall i say whishing. oh where do i begin...

first i'll explain my typo. i was waxing nostalgic on Sunday and decided to crack open the guest book from our wedding. i like to read these messages from time to time because it reminds me of that fateful day - i mean, that beautiful day that was our wedding day.

it's filled with lovely things like "may each day be happier than the one before" and other such sayings. and one says that the couple "whishes us a lifetime of happiness." j thinks they meant to write something else and didn't want to scribble. i have less faith in people's ability to spell.

but the shower.. well. it's never a good sign when you pull into the shower parking lot and the bride is one of the first persons you see and she gives you a quizzical look that either says: a) i have no idea who you are (which wouldn't be good for me, seeing as the bride and mother of the groom were the only two i knew until KAT got there or b) what is she doing here? i didn't think we invited her.

so for the first 20 minutes or so i sat alone at a table in the back. i made some friendly eye contact, but was promptly shunned (they literally looked me up and down and turned away). thank god it turned around soon. the bride came by with some other friends of the groom, and soon after that KAT arrived, whereupon we spent the better part of the shower mocking shower games, much to the dismay of the (much younger) bridesmaids.

shower games are fun and all, but for those of us that don't know the bride (in fact, it was apparently so obvious how little i knew the bride that i was skipped over when they handed out the "how well do you know the bride" quiz), they're not so much fun as time hurdle before she can open the gifts and therefore, you can go home.


Chris said...

Er what is a shower?

It sounds pointless!

Should I have one? Do I get presents?

Is it an American thing?

What do you think they were starting to write then instead of "wishing"?

"What is she wearing?"
"Who did she marry again? Oh!"
"Where are the loos?"

None of these seem very suitable. I would say they just can't sphell.

sj said...

heh. i was unaware that this may be a uniquely american thing. perhaps it is.

a shower is a party held for a bride whereupon she is "showered" with presents, usually from her registry at one or more of the following popular places (at least here in the northeast): macy's, bloomingdales, pottery barn, bed bath and beyond, crate and barrel and williams sonoma.

kat hates this tradition, but i did have a shower myself and did get lots of lovely bakeware.

and that's funny- the one thing that we came up with was that they had meant to write "whisper" as in... um... "whispering wishes of joy on your special day" which would kind of make sense if it were in the church, i suppose.